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Essential Oil–Flavored Sugar

Have you ever used flavored sugar to sweeten your tea, sprinkle on toast, or use in your baking? Vanilla-flavored sugar is common and quite popular in European desserts, but you can easily make different flavors when you use essential oils. Try making some and using it to flavor toast, pancakes, french toast, crème brûlée, cereal, fruits, or milk and other beverages.

Two 4 ounce glass jars with miniature spoons filled with essential-oil flavored sugar.

Gift idea: add your flavored sugar to 4 oz. glass salve jars, attach a little plastic spoon and a gift tag, and give it away as a unique neighbor gift.

Essential Oil–Flavored Sugar

Servings: Yield 2 cups (400 g) | Time: 3 minutes | Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients & Supplies:


  1. Place the sugar in a glass bowl. Stir in essential oil for a couple minutes.
  2. Fill jar(s) with your flavored sugar, or use right away.

Extra Idea:

  • Scrape out the seeds of a vanilla bean and add them to your sugar along with an essential oil. You can even throw in the vanilla pod for extra flavor.
    (Remove the pod after 2–3 weeks.)

Use your flavored sugar in one of these recipes:

Our Pink Grapefruit Yogurt Cake featuring grapefruit essential oil on a small plate drizzled with a glaze and topped with a grapefruit swirl.  A serving of homemade raspberry ice cream with lime essential oil in a glass bowl and topped with fresh raspberries and a sprig of peppermint leaves. A small plate of lightly toasted lemon coconut crisp cookies made with lemon essential oil. Homemade crepes filled with fresh strawberry slices and whipped cream flavored with lemon essential oil on glass plate. A glass bowl of lemon essential oil fruit dip with strawberry, banana and blueberry kebabs in the background. A small French yogurt cake with light lemon essential oil frosting decorated with flowers and lemon slices sitting on glass platter outside. A bowl filled with dehydrated apple slices flavored with cinnamon essential oil. Fresh baked, crumble covered apple cinnamon muffins made with cinnamon and clove essential oils in a basket lined with a towel and an apple in the background. A bowl of fresh nectarine, pineapple and peach salsa flavored with cilantro and lime essential oil and homemade tortilla chips with cinnamon oil fanning out the side.  Chocolate-Peppermint Mini Mud Pies with dollops of whipped cream in our AromaTools branded shot glasses. A slice of our Oatmeal Banana Spice Cake made with cinnamon essential oil on a plate sitting on a granite countertop. A slice of lemon essential oil blueberry breakfast cake with fresh blueberries and a lemon slice on some decorative plates.

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