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Modern Essentials® Plus App

Learn all you need to know for using, sharing, and succeeding with essential oils.

Simply put, the Modern Essentials® Plus app contains the most comprehensive data on every dōTERRA® oil and blend of any resource:

  • Primary Uses
  • Secondary & Tertiary Uses*
  • "Simple Solutions" Protocols*
  • Application Methods
  • Body Systems
  • Safety Data
  • Detailed Usage & Application Charts*
  • Chemical Constituents
  • Extraction Methods
  • Aromatic Influences
  • Blend Classifications
  • Blending Compatibilities
  • Historical Uses
  • Much More!

*Available with subscription

Use essential oils quickly, easily, and effectively with "My Usage Guide."

  • Instantly search through hundreds of conditions and symptoms to find which oils, blends, supplements, and personal care products are recommended to use.
  • Find secondary and tertiary recommendations of oils and blends.*
  • Get "Simple Solutions" protocols.*
  • Unlock recipes for personal care, health, cooking, cleaning, and home care.*

*Available with subscription

Organize your app and track your oil inventory with personalization tools.*

  • Mark your favorite products.
  • Bookmark conditions for easy reference.
  • Track your essential oil inventory to quickly see which recommended oils you have for any condition.
  • Make a wish list for easy ordering.
  • Write your own personal notes for any product or condition.

*Available with subscription

  • ME offers 75+ years of collective practical experience using essential oils
  • ME incorporates the knowledge of 1000s of medical and scientific research studies
  • ME brings together the wisdom of 100s of articles, books, and conferences from leading essential oil experts, chemists botanists, biologists, and physical, mental and emotional health professionals.

Modern Essentials distills all this amazing knowledge and experience into one easy-to-use app. Now YOU have the right tool to confidently use and effectively share the best information about essential oils!