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The Modern Essentials Personal Guide section is a compilation of many different health conditions and the various essential oils, blends, and supplements that are commonly used and recommended for each condition. The first few pages of the Personal Guide section give very detailed instructions about the section's symbols, how to use the section, and other information. Following this, each condition is listed alphabetically; and under each condition, the oils, blends, and supplements suggested have been grouped (and color coded) as Primary Recommendation (red), Secondary Recommendation (orange), and Other Recommendation (green). You will also see images for application and usage methods. These methods recommend application methods for the oils suggested. The criteria for grouping within these categories include the recommendations of experts within the field of essential oils, supporting scientific research studies, historical uses of the oils and the herbs and plants they are derived from, and more recent French medicinal uses for the oils. However, since each individual may have different underlying causes for his or her specific condition, what may work for one individual may be different than what works for another.

Always use and refer people to the best educational resources available, like Modern Essentials™, so that they can learn more about essential oils (just as you would read and refer someone to a book or published research article on vitamin D to learn more about how vitamin D benefits the body). When you are selling a specific brand of essential oils to a group or individual, however, only marketing-approved language and materials should be used. Educational books and research articles should not be
used during the selling process, as this has been construed by regulatory agencies as making health claims about a specific brand of essential oils. You can refer to the education and marketing objectives on our product pages to help you identify which items are marketing tools with language approved for marketing essential oils and which are educational resources that can help you and those you know learn about essential oils.

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Generally, it is not recommended to store undiluted essential oils in plastic containers, as some constituents in certain essential oils can break down specific types of plastic at high concentrations. This may compromise the oil and may cause leakage. Essential oils that are diluted with a carrier oil, or are a small part of a cream, lotion, or soap recipe, however, can be safely stored in a high-grade plastic bottle or container (such as the ones we carry) for several months. For more information about the types of plastics our bottles and containers are made from and whether or not they are safe to use with essential oils, please see the following link:

Because the roller balls are manufactured in bulk, they can vary slightly in sizes. This margin is minimal but can result in the roller balls being a little too tight or a little too loose. If the roller balls are too tight, you can move them manually with your thumb. Once they have been moved and lubricated, you will see that they begin to move freely. If the roller balls are too loose, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-728-0070. We can issue you a replacement for any roller balls that are not working properly. Please contact Customer Service within 30 days of receipt and reference your original receipt number.

The tubes of most of our spray tops are intended to fit several bottle sizes. If the tube is too long, you can trim it at angle to the desired length; or, if it is flexible, push it all the way into the bottle, and it will curl at the bottom.