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Educational versus Marketing Materials

In the world of essential oils, it is important to make sure you are able to both educate users and also have access to resources needed for marketing. Educational materials make it easy to teach others information about essential oils and their uses, and marketing materials are great for people striving to build their businesses. On our website, we have both education and marketing tools available to benefit you and your business. Look for our education and marketing icons on our website to know how individual products can best be used.


  • Generic
  • Contains info on how and what essential oils can be used for
  • Great to educate users about how to use essential oils in the most beneficial way possible
  • Should not be used to promote a specific brand


  • Promotional
  • Usually (not always) branded
  • Uses approved claims
  • Great for classes
  • Great for enrolling Wellness Advocates



Education, Marketing, and You

Can I use educational resources for personal study, even if they contain uses and information that aren't considered "compliant" for marketing purposes?

Absolutely! Educating yourself about essential oils is the key to safely and effectively using them to support your own health and the health of your family. Always use and refer others to the best educational resources available, starting with Modern Essentials.

Can I use educational resources to market my favorite brand of essential oils?

While you can refer people to research articles and other educational resources to learn about the uses of essential oils and research being done on essential oils, it would be improper to use these articles or resources to make health claims or to promote the use of a specific brand of essential oils.

How do I keep education and marketing separate?

Always use and refer people to the best educational resources available, like Modern Essentials, so that they can learn more about essential oils (just as you would read and refer someone to a book or published research article on Vitamin D to learn more about how vitamin D benefits the body).

When you are selling a specific brand of essential oils to a group or individual, however, only marketing-approved language and materials should be used. Educational books and research articles should not be used during the selling process, as this has been construed by regulatory agents as making health claims about a specific brand of essential oils.

Look for the education and marketing icons on our website to help you identify which items are marketing tools with language approved for marketing essential oils and which are educational resources that can help you and those you know learn about essential oils.

Individuals should learn all they can about essential oils in order to safely and effectively use them to benefit their health. When I'm marketing my favorite brand of essential oils, how can I refer others to educational materials about essential oils and still be compliant?

You should never use educational materials to make claims about a product you are selling, but you are free to recommend others to educational resources that they can use to understand the science, safety, and uses of essential oils. For example, you could use the following:

"If you want to learn more about essential oils, I would recommend that you...
- Search for scientific research articles on a specific essential oil. Try online resources such as PubMed ( to search for articles.
- Find a great book on essential oils at a bookstore like

A great book should:
- discuss what essential oils are and where they come from,
- teach how to safely use essential oils,
- discuss how essential oils are often used,
- and indicate which essential oils uses are backed up by scientific research.