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About Us

Learn, Use, Share, Succeed™

AromaTools® was founded in 2008 by a professional team that has been using and publishing materials about essential oils for nearly two decades. Our commitment since 2008 has been to help you and your team achieve success by providing the most reliable, specific tools and resources available for the safe and effective use of certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

We have been dedicated from the inception of AromaTools® to produce and publish Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils as a resource to enable you, and all essential oil users, to more easily and confidently utilize essential oils in your everyday life.

At AromaTools®, we are dedicated to providing you with the materials you need to Learn about essential oils, Use them every day, Share the oils with others, and Succeed in overcoming health challenges and building your essential oil business.

AromaTools® is continually researching essential oils, expanding product lines, and improving in many ways to make your experience with us more enjoyable and to provide you with updated products and information that will help you both use and share essential oils.