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Getting Started with Essential Oils

Just getting started with essential oils?


Everyone needs a good reference book to know how to safely and effectively use their oils. Modern Essentials is the best reference book there is, hands down!
Why We Love It!
The Modern Essentials Handbook is the go to manual for essential oils because it is packed full of all the knowledge you need to know to confidently use essential oils. It’s format makes it easy to navigate and the perfect introductory book.
Spray bottles have so many different purposes and recipes they can be used for. Make things like air fresheners, linen sprays, cleaning sprays, perfumes, and much more with them!
Why We Love It!
2 oz. bottles are used in many DIY oil creations and are perfect for travel or giving away. The glass bottle won’t corrode due to strong oils and is also transparent so you can see the solution level at all times.
Our sense of smell is closely tied to the region of the brain that controls long-term memory, emotions, and hormones. Additionally, essential oils can directly affect the respiratory system when they are inhaled. Not to mention, diffusers are amazing when it comes to making a room smell good.
Why We Love It!
This diffuser is easy to use and gets the job done! It operates quietly, has a timer and different lighting settings, and is cost effective.
Once you get one oil, you won’t want to stop! No matter how big or small your collection is, a good carrying case is a must.
Why We Love this Small Case
This case has a hard shell outside, and individual elastics to hold each oil bottle to provide extra protection. The size of this case makes it great to slip into a purse or bag and take with you on-the-go. It holds up to 10 oil bottles or roll-ons.
Why We Love this Medium Case
This medium sized case holds 36 oil bottles. The foam insert it comes with keeps the bottles protected and separate from each other. This bag features pockets to hold printed materials and has a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. The foam insert can also be removed to carry a diffuser.
One of the most popular ways people like to use oils is in a roll-on bottle. A roll-on bottle makes applying oils a breeze–just roll them on as needed!
Why We Love It!
These roller bottles come with a stainless steel rollerball which enhances your application control. Plus, the transparent amber glass allows you to see the content level while protecting your oils from UV light.
Carrier oils often go hand-in-hand with essential oils.They are used to make an essential oil less strong when needed and they are also used in many homemade essential oil creations.
Why We Love It!
Fractionated coconut oil is affordable, odorless, colorless, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for massage, lotions, creams, serums, roll-on blends, perfumes, and sprays.
Drinking water is essential to living a healthy life. Adding 1-2 drops of essential oils to your water is a great way to reap their benefits and also boost the flavor of your water. However, oils can be very strong and break down plastic over time so it’s important to have a good, oil-safe water bottle.
Why We Love It!
A stainless steel water bottle will hold up over time, even when used with strong essential oils. A hydro flask is a great option because it can keep your drink cold or hot and has a large capacity to reduce the amount of times you have to refill it.
Different dispensing tools are available to make transferring oils, getting out a specific number of drops, and creating essential oil mixtures a breeze.
Why We Love It!
This reusable glass dropper fits on standard 15 ml essential oil bottles and comes with measurements printed on it so you can dispense oils with precision.