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Just Add Oils to Your Summer Fun

Make essential oils a part of your summer fun with these tips, ideas, and recipes!

Summer Cooking

We love cooking with essential oils—especially in the summertime when fresh fruits and vegetables are available and it’s warm enough to grill meats outside! While you can find a huge variety of summer recipes here, the following are some of our favorites:


Surviving Summer Activities

Staying cool and unbitten by mosquitoes is a challenge during summer activities, but you have a chance at succeeding with the following tips:


Summer Body Care Tips

Making sure to take care of your skin and hair during the summer is important for your health. Besides, who wants a sunburn to ruin even a week of their summer? Give these body care recipes a try for happy and healthy skin and hair!


Summer Activities for Children

Children quickly get bored during the summer since school is out and they have lots more free time. Keep them entertained with these essential oil crafts and activities!


Summer Vacations

You’ll be more than ready for your summer vacation after reading these articles:


Summer Diffusing

Diffuse like a pro this summer with these diffusing tips and diffuser blends:

"Lake House Retreat" Diffuser Blend. Features white fir, juniper berry, cedarwood and bergamot essential oils. "Summer Breeze Blend" Diffuser Blend. Features bergamot, cypress, lemon and orange essential oils. "Citrus Smiles" Diffuser Blend. Features orange, bergamot and tangerine essential oils. "Fresh Citrus" Diffuser Blend. Features bergamot, grapefruit and petitgrain essential oils. "Citrus Spice" Diffuser Blend. Features lemon, orange, grapefruit and clove essential oils. "Mountain Man" Diffuser Blend. Features white fir, cedarwood, bergamot, clove and vetiver essential oils. "Millennial Musk" Diffuser Blend. Features cypress, white fir, cedarwood and spearmint essential oils. "Millennial Musk" Diffuser Blend. Features cypress, white fir, cedarwood and spearmint essential oils. "Allergy Relief" Diffuser Blend. Features lavender, melaleuca and cedarwood essential oils. "Fatigue Relief" Diffuser Blend. Features lemon, bergamot and peppermint essential oils. "Sweet Treats" Diffuser Blend. Features orange and wintergreen essential oils. "Calm Pets" Diffuser Blend. Features lavender, cedarwood and vetiver essential oils. "Get Up & Go" Diffuser Blend. Features lavender, rosemary, bergamot and black pepper essential oils. "Sunshine & Rainbows" Diffuser Blend. Features grapefruit, lime, geranium and spearmint essential oils. "Springtime Bliss" Diffuser Blend. Features ylang ylang, lavender and orange essential oils. "Refreshing" Diffuser Blend. Features lavender, rosemary, melaleuca and peppermint essential oils. "Energizing" Diffuser Blend. Features orange, peppermint and rosemary essential oils. "Stress Less" Diffuser Blend. Features lemon, orange, clove and cedarwood essential oils.  

Need help choosing a diffuser? Check out this post to learn all about the different kinds of diffusers and the benefits of each.

Summer Work

Summer often means yard work and gardening. Stay cool with these Frozen Eucalyptus Mint Towels while you work in the yard. Try freezing the towels rolled up in a shape to conform to your neck. Then secure one around your neck with a bandana so it stays put as you as you mow the lawn, pull weeds, or do other yard work. Also, increase your garden produce by keeping the birds and bugs away from your plants with this Protective Gardening Spray.

Summer Essential Oil Classes

You are all set with these 5 perfect summer make-and-take classes. Stay at the top of your game and adapt your essential oil classes with the season to keep attendees coming. Consider setting up a little play area for children in a separate room with a couple adult (or young adult) supervisors so the parents can give full attention to your class.

Do you have any tips for using essential oils during the summertime? Let us know in the comment section below!

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