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Week of Wellness: Happy Colon, Happy Brain

Last week, AromaTools™ is hosted a full week of free health classes like this one by Sue Lawton, PhD—“Happy Colon, Happy Brain”—to celebrate the Grand Opening of our AromaTools™ retail store in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Click here to read other posts on classes given during the Week of Wellness. Also, check back with us throughout this week for more blog posts on timely health topics.

Happy Colon, Happy Brain (and Body)

The better your digestive tract runs, the better your mental and emotional state—not to mention physical health. That was Dr. Sue Lawton’s impactful message at her class, “Happy Colon, Happy Brain.”

Dr. Lawton—a psychologist and biochemist—demonstrated with a larger-than-life intestinal model how a corrupt diet, dehydration, and negative thoughts and feelings sabotage our sense of self worth and shorten our lives. “Only your body can heal itself. Essential oils and everything else can only help—or hinder—the process,” she says.

Brain-Gut Connection

According to Dr. Lawton, the body’s nervous system is divided in two: the central nervous system that reports to the brain and the enteric nervous system than resides in our gut. They are connected by the vagus nerve; so when one system gets upset, the other does too. Nearly every chemical that controls the brain has been identified in the intestinal tract, including hormones and neurotransmitters.

“It shouldn’t surprise us, then, that poor digestion—including constipation in children—is linked to depression,” says Dr. Lawton. “Chronic stress can kink up the colon. And negative states of mind compromise the immune system, 80% of which is contained in the intestinal tract.” Essential oils—ingested, taken topically, or even diffused during dinner—are amazing because they can physically support digestion and promote positive emotions at the same time.

Don’t Eat That!

As taught by Dr. Lawton, artificial ingredients and refined foods confuse the colon. It recognizes them as unnatural and can’t absorb them as readily as food in its natural state. But the enteric nervous system is also “intelligent” and compensates as best it can for a poor diet. Finally, though, irritation can cause perforations in the intestinal lining, allowing partially digested foods into the bloodstream and triggering allergic reactions.

That is why people can “suddenly” become sensitive to certain foods, Dr. Lawton teaches. And it tends to be worse with genetically-modified foods (GMOs)—wheat being chief among them. (Gut bacteria contains the same metabolic pathway found in plants that is targeted and disrupted by the herbicide genetically integrated into wheat.)

Gluten intolerance is a growing epidemic, and white flour’s evil twin—refined sugar—is poison to our bodies and the number one addiction in America. “Sucrose consumption is linked to nearly all our major health problems: cancer, inflammation, diabetes, yeast infection, arthritis, and insomnia, to name a few,” says Dr. Lawton.

According to Dr. Lawton, essential oils have been shown to strengthen our body systems against disease, but they are supplements to our own good self care. Let’s get rid of the bad stuff so healing can happen! Under right conditions, the body can literally rejuvenate itself every 21 days. Essential oils can help ease sugar withdrawal symptoms.

Drink This!

Soda pop is a main culprit for kidney stones and kidney failure. “If you wanted to invest money in medicine, consider dialysis,” says Dr. Lawton. “It is one of the biggest businesses in the United States, since soda-drinking baby boomers are retiring and reaping the consequences of poisoning instead of purifying their bodies.”

Drink water! It is absolutely crucial for replacing dead cells, distributing oxygen, and eliminating waste. Sufficient water ensures proper bulk in stools and keeps the parastaltic (wavy) motion of the intestines going. The body is more than 80% water. Bottom line: the more water you drink, the younger your body stays.

Gut Feelings

Dr. Sue Lawton (far right) demonstrates how the parastaltic motion of digestion can be disrupted by poor diet, dehydration, and negative attitudes.

Bad nutrition is not the only thing that can compromise the intestinal lining, allowing toxins to spill through the intestinal wall, into the bloodstream, and throughout your body. “Negative thoughts and self hate will do it,” Dr. Lawton asserts. “Unexpressed frustrations or expectations. Failure to forgive and let go.” Negativity in any form compromises the immune system, down to the cellular level. “Every cell in your body has a memory just like your brain. And your cells react to everything your mind says,” concludes Dr. Lawton. “So stay positive, and you will strengthen your entire body.”

About the Presenter

Dr. Sue Lawton is an RN, has two PhDs (the first in clinical physiology and the second in basel chemistry), and has been using essential oils for over 40 years. Between her continued book study and hands-on experience, she’s a perfect example of knowing a good oil and the effects it should create when used properly.

Dr. Sue lives in New Jersey with her wonderful husband, John.

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