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New Modern Essentials™ App Update (Version 7.0.1)

The Modern Essentials™ App has recently been updated to include lots of new features! This app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can purchase the app in the Apple iTunes Store or in the Google Play Store. The update is free for current Modern Essentials™ App users.

What is the Modern Essentials™ App?

The Modern Essentials™ App provides current, scientific guidance on the therapeutic use of essential oils at your fingertips! It includes some of the most referenced sections of Modern Essentials™ so that you can access it wherever you are.

Streamline your access to information with a unique, color-coded recommendation system that quickly points you to the right oils and blends for over 200 health conditions.
You can take your app anywhere for ready reference or in-depth study. Use the search function to find quick details about a particular ailment, essential oil or blend, or application method. You can also read through the applications section to discover old and new approaches for oil use. Take time to browse our new recipes section for cooking, craft, and body care ideas. Then link directly to our online store to shop the best products and prices for your aromatherapy lifestyle. You’ll want this app at home, on the road, and in meetings with clients.


The Modern Essentials™ App derives from the authoritative work on aromatherapy that combines research from the last 20 years: Modern Essentials™: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. See this book for documentation of the research studies behind the app’s recommendations, plus much more on why and how to use essential oils. Click here to see the differences between the Modern Essentials™ book and app.

What’s new in the October 2015 update of the Modern Essentials™ App?

The app now contains updated information from the 7th edition of Modern Essentials™. It includes a complete re-design for visual appeal and user friendliness. Along with easier and faster navigation, the app has been improved for both vertical and horizontal display.

Other updates include the following (click on images to enlarge):

Interactive human model for body systems information. On the home screen, you can now tap on the human model and select a body system to help narrow down your search.
Newly added single essential oils and oil blends. To correlate with the new 7th edition of Modern Essentials™, the new oils have been added to the app in the Single Oils section, the Oil Blends section, and throughout the Conditions section.
New Body Systems section and body systems icons throughout the app for easy reference. In this new Body Systems section, you can learn all about the various body systems and see what oils are used to support each system. Also included are descriptions, graphics, and common issues for each body system.
The new body systems symbol has also been added to the Conditions section to help you know what body system is being affected and to the Single Oils section and Oil Blends sections to help you know what body systems each single oil or oil blend can help support.
New Modern Essentials™ Lifestyle section for essential oil ideas and recipes. Also included in the update is a new recipes section that has various cooking, body care, cleaning, craft, and diffuser blend recipes from the new Modern Essentials™ Living book.
Updated pull-down menus for finding health conditions. We have improved the drop-down menus in the Conditions and Single Oils sections to allow easier and faster scrolling so you can quickly find exactly what you need. If you need to get to a certain section of the alphabet, use the far right alphabet list to jump ahead.
New links to the online AromaTools™ store for aromatherapy products. To help you find the aromatherapy accessories you need, we have included links directly to the AromaTools™ online store. The online store has recently been optimized for mobile devices so you can easily place your order directly from your phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I go to purchase the app?

You can purchase the app in the Apple iTunes Store or in the Google Play Store.

If I already purchased the app, do I need to purchase the update?

No. The update is free for all current app users.

Do I need internet access to use the app?

You will need internet access when you download the app and to access the AromaTools™ online store, but most of the app works well without internet access..

Will this app work on a kindle, nook, or windows phone?

No. Currently, we do not have versions for the Kindle, Nook, or Windows phone.

Does the app contain all the information in Modern Essentials™?

No, the app does not contain all the information in Modern Essentials™. Modern Essentials™ has 6 sections: Science and Application, Single Oils, Oil Blends, Essential Oil-Inspired Wellness Supplements, Essential Living and Spa, and the Personal Usage Guide. Out of these sections, the app has a condensed part of the application section (no science information), the full Single Oils section, the full Oil Blends section, and most of the Personal Usage Guide section (called Conditions in the app). The app is designed to accompany the book as a quick on-the-go reference, but we still recommend having the book at home to reference the rest of the information.
Click here for a chart and more information on the differences between the Modern Essentials™ products.

Can I get this app in a different language

We currently offer a Spanish version of the previous update of the English app. You can purchase it in the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.

Why are the blend names generic?

An essential oil company’s blend names are often copyrighted, so we chose to use generic names in the Modern Essentials™ book and app instead. We have created the ability to alter the names of the blends by tapping and holding the blend name. A keyboard should pop up so you can change the name to whatever you desire.

Will I need to purchase the app twice if I want to have the app on my android device and my apple device?

Yes. Because Android and Apple use different operating systems, you will need to purchase the app that correlates with each operating system. If you had an iPhone and an iPad and used the same Apple ID (or had an Apple Family account) for both, you could just download the original app purchase on both since they use the same operating system.

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