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Make Each Sample You Give Away Count

As an essential oil business builder, the greatest tools that you have are the essential oils themselves. When you give someone the opportunity to try out a sample of essential oil for the first time, the oil will speak for itself. Once someone has had a positive essential oil experience, they are much more likely to want to learn more about essential oils and to want to try more essential oils and essential oil-based products. They will be excited and enthusiastic about essential oils and the business plan, because they know for themselves that essential oils really work!

If you make essential oils a part of your everyday life, you will find opportunities to share them. People will wonder what that scent is that you are wearing or ask what you are doing to stay so healthy. But you need to make sure that when those questions do come you are prepared to answer them and you are prepared to help the person asking the questions to have an essential oil experience of their own.

Just imagine this scenario: You are sitting on a bench at a park in your neighborhood watching your kids play when another parent comes and sits down next to you. You start talking, and the topic comes up of what you do for work. You mention that you are an essential oil Wellness Advocate, and the other parent is curious and starts asking you questions about what that means. As you talk about essential oils, what they are, and why you use them, you keep thinking, “If only I had an essential oil on me to share.”

The most effective time to share oils is right when someone is interested in learning more—not later when the excitement has died down. So make sure you are always prepared with essential oil samples to share whenever someone shows interest.

At AromaTools®, we carry a large number of tools designed specifically to help you share essential oils with others, so that you are never caught unprepared to share when someone is interested. Below are just a few of those products.

Sample Vials

We offer a number of different sizes and colors of sample vials; choose a size and style that works for your needs:




Make sure your sample vials are clearly labeled so you know what they contain and so that the people you give them to also know what they contain. Giving someone a “mystery vial” of oil isn’t nearly as effective as giving them an oil that is clearly labeled to identify its contents. AromaTools® labels use our patented Oil Lock™ system. Our unique Oil Lock™ layer protects the labels from incidental oil contact and oil drips. Unlike ordinary labels, this layer keeps the oils from smearing or fading the ink when touched with oily fingers. It helps keep the labels looking crisp, clean, and professional—not faded and smudged.



Filling Tools

Inserting orifice reducers into vials and filling tiny vials with essential oils can be a tedious and messy process, so we offer a few tools to make the process easier––and cleaner. The O-Presto allows you to easily insert orifice reducers into sample vials. And our Fine-Tip Disposable Pipettes feature a very small tip that easily fits inside the hole of the orifice reducer so that you can fill sample vials without the mess. The Oil Key for Orifice Reducers can help you easily remove the orifice reducer from a sample bottle, regular essential oil bottle, or roll-on bottle. This tool comes in handy when you need to remove the orifice reducer of either your essential oil bottle or your sample bottle to transfer oil.


Sample Cards and Brochures

If you give an essential oil to someone and they have no idea what to do with it, they likely won’t try it. Make sure that you include information about the oil so that the receiver knows how and what to use it for. You will also want to include your contact information on the sample card or brochure so that people can get back in touch with you when they want to know more. It’s a good idea to share first an oil that has a variety of uses and that is gentle on the skin so that a first-time user doesn’t accidentally have a negative first experience with the oil. Attaching a sample bottle to the information you give helps keep the information and oil together so both are available when needed. This 1/2″ hole punch is the perfect size for attaching a sample bottle to any paper product.

We offer a variety of different cards and brochures designed to accompany sample vials:


Sample Carrying Cases

Keeping essential oil samples on hand to give out when someone is interested is important so that you can share the oils while your contact is interested. Once you have created your sample bottles, you can store them in a sample vial case. Some cases include space to store your essential oil information as well. We offer a wide variety of sample vial cases; choose a size and style that works for your needs:


Information Resources

Always be prepared to answer any essential oil questions that are thrown at you. Make sure that you have access to resources where you can look up answers to your clients’ questions. The book Modern Essentials® is going to be your greatest resource for finding in-depth information about each of the essential oils. Make sure you have a copy in your home library, and it’s a good idea to keep a copy in your car too for when you need it. We also offer the Modern Essentials® Handbook that contains key sections from the large Modern Essentials book in a more portable size and the “Introduction to Modern Essentials® booklet which contains basic oil usage suggestions and is the perfect size to keep in a pocket or purse so that you can have it with you all the time. This booklet is one of the best resources to leave in the hands of someone interested in the oils. And lastly, the Modern Essentials® App is very handy to have on your phone because it contains many answers to questions that may arise at impromptu essential oil discussions.


Once you are prepared with the resources you need, you can confidently share essential oils with others and know that the samples you give away are going to make a difference because you and your clients are both armed with all of the tools for success. Next time you are at the park or the grocery store or the office, you won’t be left thinking, “If only I had a sample of essential oil on me.” Instead, you will find yourself educating, sharing, and building.

We’d love to hear your feedback! What are your favorite tools for sharing essential oils with others?

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