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Long Metal Oil Key for Orifice Reducers and Roll-on Fitments


Super-sturdy and indispensable for opening and closing vials!

  • Longer design handles easily.
  • Fits 1/4 and 5/8 dram samples.
  • Fits 5 and 10 ml roll-on vials.
  • Fits 5, 10, and 15 ml standard vials.
  • Makes a great gift or door prize.

An improved simple tool to make inserting or removing orifice reducers and roll-on fitments quick and easy! This handy metal key works with these bottles: ¼ and ⅝ dram samplers; 5 and 10 ml roll-ons; and 5, 10, and 15 ml essential oil vials.

Keep your oil key close at hand by attaching it to your personal key ring–ready for use anytime anywhere.

Neck: Essential oil vials–13-425 to 18-415; Roll-on vials–10-425 to 16 mm.

Dimensions: 2½" tall x 1⅙" wide.

Instructions: To insert an orifice reducer or roll-on fitment set it on top of the vial and push it down into place with the matching size hole in the key. To remove wedge the cut-out edge of the oil key between the reducer or fitment and the vial hold the key at a slight angle and lift up.