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Be an EO First Responder with Modern Essentials® 14!

The original and best ready EO reference is still Modern Essentials®!

With the Modern Essentials® 14 family, you and your team are prepared to learn, teach, and share about essential oils with accessible, authoritative information.

The 13th editions of our hardcover guide and softcover handbook are inexpensively upgraded with the 14th edition “Modern Essentials® 2022 Product Update.” This handy brochure fits neatly inside either book and includes complete entries for all new 2022 dōTERRA® oils, blends, supplements and personal care products.


The ME 14 family also features two updated quick references that integrate 2022 dōTERRA® products:

The current family bundle also includes: 

Getting back to the books, the latest editions of the hardcover Modern Essentials® and softcover Modern Essentials® Handbook feature QR codes throughout that link to exclusive, expansive content. We’re talking hundreds of interactive options:

  • Real user videos of tips and testimonials
  • Essential ideas for everyday use
  • Original recipes for diffusing, roll-ons, personal care, cooking, cleaning, and pets
  • Educational articles
  • Learning, teaching, and sharing resources
  • Practical tools—labels, sample tags, reference cards, handouts, and brochures
  • And more!

For example, scan the QR code above or tap this link to squeeze out the many uses of lemon!

And don't forget about this member of the extended family: Modern Essentials® Emotions: A Workbook for Emotions and Essentials Oils.

  • Which essential oils to use for over 300 different emotions
  • A detailed breakdown of 70 essential oils and 39 blends
  • Guided exercises and writing prompts for healing from the past, living in the present, and creating a better emotional future
  • How to use and apply essential oils safely and effectively

Modern Essentials® products have been the trusted resources for Wellness Advocates since dōTERRA® started “sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils…with the world” (from the dōTERRA® Mission Statement).

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