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Week of Wellness: A Simple View of Chakras

Connie Boucher’s class “Live Shine-Y” continued the Week of Wellness celebration by AromaTools™ for the Grand Opening of our new retail store in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Look for more blog posts this week about our free classes—all held in the beautiful Elevé Event Center on the second floor above the AromaTools™ store.

Live Shine-Y! A Simple View of Chakras.

With origins in Eastern philosophy, the concept of chakras—energy centers in the body—seems mysterious to many people. Connie Boucher—massage therapist and holistic health coach—made understanding and balancing chakras easier in her engaging class.

Think of the seven chakras in the body as forming an aligned, vertical connection through yourself from earth to heaven. The aim of balancing chakras is to help you feel more harmonized with the physical world, with your relationships (including with yourself), and with your higher power.

Working from the inside out is key to Connie’s philosophy. You first have to get rid of negative energy within to make a place for positive energy. Then that positive energy can flow out of you to change your world. “I can recommend certain essential oils that I use for the different chakras,” explains Connie. “You can use other oils and get the same results. The oils carry amazing energy vibrations. But your own positive intentions, thoughts, words, and actions are the most important thing.”

Connie’s daily chakra balancing routine begins after her morning shower. Standing upright, she applies oils on each chakra while looking in the mirror and reciting verbal affirmations. “I think of a declaration for each chakra: something I want to become or improve on in that area. I speak it in the present tense, as if it were already reality, for that is the reality I want to create.”

As you stand up straight and tall, you might imagine a tree and work from the roots upward to balance your chakras. (The colors associated with the chakras are significant for some people, too, when forming mental images.)

  1. Root: Color—red; Location—base of spine (or bottoms of feet); Oil—Grounding Blend. “Imagine yourself mentally letting stress flow out of you down through your roots. Then take in nutrients up through the roots,” suggests Connie. “The root chakra is about owning your own space, feeling that you belong in this world. You want to become stable, safe, grounded, secure.”
  2. Sacral: Color—orange; Location—below the navel; Oil—wild orange. This chakra resides near the sexual organs. “This is where we create, dream, and find passion and excitement for life. Imagine a full tire and then a flat one. Without purpose, depression can reside here.”
  3. Solar Plexus: Color—yellow; Location—above the navel; Oil—lime. “This is our center between earth and heaven, our sense of self, and our give and take with others.”
  4. Heart: Color—green; Location—heart; Oil—lemon. “Lemon helps soften the walls we may have built up around our heart. We sometimes need to ask ourselves whether we would like to be right in our negative feelings about a situation or person or whether we would like to be happy. We have to let go of the one to receive the other.”
  5. Throat: Color—blue; Location—center of throat/neck; Oil—bergamot. “This is where truth resides. Lying and gossip hurt here. We want to feel comfortable with our true voice. But fear is big here: either of hurting others or being misjudged and hurt by them. If you have painful things to express, write them out by hand. Then you can speak the truth in a positive way.”
  6. Third Eye: Color—indigo/purple; Location—middle of forehead; Oil—clary sage. “This is where we connect with intuition and our ability to make decisions. So often we look outside ourselves for answers when we already know what we believe and what we want.”
  7. Crown: Color—violet to white; Location—top of the head; Oil—frankincense or Joyful Blend. “This chakra is a twin, or sister, to the Third Eye. This is the top of our tree, where we connect with divine energy and receive inspiration. Prayer and meditation strengthen this chakra. Here we listen and receive what we need.”

Connie shared many favorite quotes about the vital importance in life of finding “how to do what we came here to do and be what we came here to be.” Ask yourself, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Then realize, “If you don’t decide what you want and create a future for yourself, you will get what someone else has planned for you.” In other words: “Live intentionally, not by default.”

And at the end of the day, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

For more of Connie’s wisdom, see her books and CD at AromaTools™ also carries various information on the subject of chakras.

About the Presenter

Connie Boucher is a holistic health coach, massage therapist, self-help author, the owner of Super Simple Wellness, wellness coach, wife, mom, and grandma. A combination of her massage schooling, a wide range of natural healing workshops, real-life experiences, and a wholehearted desire to improve herself and her surroundings, have all shaped her thinking and given her a unique perspective on life.

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