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Modern Essentials® Plus is Here!

Our long-awaited app upgrade is here—and worth the wait! Of course, we’ve added all the new 2019 essential oils, but there’s so much more. In fact, Modern Essentials® Plus is a complete app makeover for an amazing user experience. Here’s an introduction to just a few of the fabulous features and how to use them!

First, your options. You can simply download the “Basic” option for a one-time fee. Or, you can add a “Full” subscription at a low monthly or yearly rate for added features and updates.

Available now from the App Store and Google Play.

Let’s look at some features that both “Basic” and “Full” share.

 dōTERRA® Brand Names (They’re back!)

  • Basic: An easy editing feature changes generic product names to brand names.
  1. On the home screen, click on the blend icon  on the right side of the content wheel.
  2. Then, for example, pick the Anti-Aging Blend at the top of Essential Blends (pictured upper left.) Or, use the vertical alphabet strip at the far right to choose another generic blend name.
  3. Tap-and-hold on the generic name itself until a window appears. (Don’t check the box.)
  4. Tap once to the right of the generic name, and then backspace to erase it.
  5. Now type in the dōTERRA® brand name. Again, for example, change Anti-Aging Blend to Immortelle (shown above left).
  6. The new brand name will appear in the list and everywhere else throughout the app!
  7. Your Essential Blends list will re-alphabetize to reflect the new brand names (pictured upper right).
  • Full: All generic names are changed to dōTERRA® brand names automatically.

(Because of government regulations, this feature in English is available only in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. “Full” subscriptions in other English-speaking countries—including Australia—must use the “Basic” tap-and-hold editing feature.)

My Usage Guide 

  • Basic: All the hundreds of health conditions—physical, mental, and emotional—from the 11th edition of Modern Essentials are here!
  1. Get primary single oil and blend recommendations.
  2. Simply tap on a recommended oil or blend to go directly to that product page.
  3. Use the back arrow or tap on the condition under Primary Uses to go back to that condition in My Usage Guide.

  • Full: Same health conditions, just expanded information.
  1. Gives recommendations for all dōTERRA® products: primary, secondary, and tertiary single oils and blends; supplements; and personal care.
  2. Again, tap on the recommended product to go its detailed product page—and back again, as with the “Basic” app.
  3. For selected conditions, oils, and blends: Simple Solutions give you easy-to-use tips, blends, and recipes (shown above).

My Notes 

  • Basic: You can really make this app your own by adding notes from your experience and expertise.
  1. When you tap on the notes icon  while viewing conditions, single oils (shown above), or blends, you can type or voice record your personal observations.
  2. All your notes are accessible from the home screen by tapping the notes icon on the upper left of the content wheel.
  3. Now, tap on the icons (left to right on top bar) for health conditions , single oils  or blends .
  4. The category you choose will show an alphabetized list of conditions or oils for which you’ve made notes, along with those notes.
  • Full: The notes feature from “Basic” is expanded to include supplements and personal care products .

Essential Oil Introduction 

  • Basic: Gives an introduction to application methods (above left) and includes reflexology charts.
  • Full: Expands the introduction with science, history, and safety information (above right).

Here are some special features exclusive to the “Full” subscription.

Personal Organization Tools

You get bookmarks, favorites, an essential oil inventory (shown below), and a wish list for a fully customized app.

All Modern Essentials® Handbook 11th Edition Content

As just a sampling, this includes an illustrated beginner’s overview for quick-start learning—along with reference charts, supplements and spa products, and essential living recipes.

With the “Full” subscription, there’s always more to come as dōTERRA® products are added in 2020—and as AromaTools® creates the 12th edition of Modern Essentials®! You won’t miss a thing, and you’ll be among the first to know!

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