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Get Organized with an Essential Oil Notebook!

Do you get a little overwhelmed with essential oils? Do you have oil bottles and information scattered around the house and aren’t really sure what to do with all of it? Maybe it’s time to get better organized! To help you, we have a couple ideas.

First, gather your essential oils, and create a designated essential oil station (or stations if needed). You can easily keep your bottles organized with essential oil cases, racks, or boxes. Make sure that all of your bottles are clearly labeled. If you mixed your own blends, you can use blank labels to help you identify them.

Second, you can create an essential oil notebook to keep all of your essential oil information in one place. We suggest getting a 3-ring binder and including the below sections and pages. We have designed a few different files that you are welcome to print off and include in your notebook. Here are the sections we have included:

Daily Routine Page

Write down your daily routine for using essential oils, taking supplements, exercising, etc. so you can remember it. This page can easily be laminated and written on with dry erase markers if you prefer. You can also hang it on the fridge or another often viewed spot to help you remember what you need and when. Print off one for each family member, and include their name at the top.


Keep information about your essential oil contacts in one place. You can include names and contact information for companies where you buy the oils, companies where you get essential oil accessories (like AromaTools™!), people in your upline or downline, or others you may contact with health-related or essential oil–related questions.

Essential Oil Inventory

In this section, we included pages that will not only help you keep track of the oils you have on hand but also supplements and other products. There is also a wishlist page where you can write down oils or accessories that you want to get when you place your next order. On the wishlist page, you can include a note about where to buy the item, how many you want, or who you are buying it for. The travel checklist page is a way to help you remember your favorite oils to take when traveling so you don’t forget when you are packing your bags.

Essential Oil Usage Journal

This page is designed to help you remember your (or others’) experiences with essential oils. Did your son have an ear infection and you used essential oils? What worked? What didn’t? Keeping a usage journal can help you learn how essential oils work for you so that you can be better prepared if another similar situation occurs.

Essential Oil Recipes

This section includes pages for diffuser blends, cooking recipes, cleaning recipes, body care recipes, and other recipes. Write down the recipes you like so you can remember them later. You can even print off recipes and include the pages in your binder. There are a ton of recipes out there; so when you find ones you like, you’ll want a place to keep them organized.

You may want to include this information page about cooking with essential oils. It has a lot of great tips on how to incorporate essential oils in everyday recipes.

Essential Oil Information

The Essential Oil Information pages allow you to make notes for each essential oil or oil blend. The page can help you remember where you bought the essential oil, how much it cost, uses for the oil, and the contents contained in the blend. This is especially useful if you like to create your own blends because it will help you remember how you made it and its purpose. At the bottom of the page, you can even rate the blend on a 5 star scale. Print off as many pages as you need. If you have a lot of notes for one essential oil or blend, you may want to include a note page (see below) and put it with this section.

We also suggest using page protectors to include other information such as brochures, handouts from classes, charts, or other items such as the following:

Essential Oil Notes

This lined page helps you keep your notes in one place. We suggest printing this page double sided and including a few in your binder. If you tend to write a lot of notes, you can include a notebook instead. Use this section when you attend classes and gather information, but make sure to transfer relevant information to other sections such as the Recipes section or the Essential Oil Information pages.

Files Available for Download

We have created 4 different designs and some simple refill pages if you wish to save printer ink for the files that you tend to print multiple copies of.

We hope you are able to utilize some of our ideas to help you get your essential oils and information organized this year!

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