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Business-Building Tip: Create a Business Presentation Kit

Have you been trying to build your essential oil business without much success? Are you new to essential oils and don’t know where to start in making your business profitable? Or maybe you are a healer with considerable knowledge, but the business side just isn’t your thing. Even if you are having great success in your essential oil business, you may want to take a look at the book Essential Oils Business Book: How to Start, Build, and Prosper in the Essential Oils Industry to help you train your downline and gain ideas for how to better build your business.

In this book, Christina Calisto-Winslow provides many different ideas for being a little more professional when presenting essential oils to your contacts and getting them to sign up with you. One thing she suggests is to set up an appointment to meet with your potential client in their home or in yours. When you go to your appointment, don’t forget to take your Business Presentation Kit! This kit provides some basic tools to present yourself well, have all the information and everything you need to encourage others to buy from you, and “close the sale” while you are there.

Business Presentation Kit

    1. Nice Bag: This doesn’t have to be expensive––you can pick up something nice at a thrift store if you don’t have a lot of money. Christina recommends a middle-size computer bag with wheels, but a small carry-on bag with wheels also works well. Find something that suits you and that you can put everything in.
    2. Essential Oils: Take a variety of oils because you never know what will appeal to your potential customer. Keep the oils organized so you can find exactly what you need when you need it.
    3. Essential Oil Reference Book: The book Modern Essentials is a great one to have in your kit. Teach your customer how to look up their specific health issues.
    4. Essential Oil Diffuser: Plug the diffuser in while you are at the appointment so your customer can experience it. You can also discuss the benefits of diffusing if they are interested. Diffuse a citrus oil or have your client help select an oil.


  1. Presentation Binder: In this binder you should have every form you will need to use when presenting the essential oils and/or the business of essential oils to your client. This includes enrollment/starter kit forms, order forms, agreements, autoship and rewards program information, product pages, and information on the compensation plan. You don’t want to scare away someone who is just interested in purchasing essential oils wholesale by presenting too much at once. You also want to have extra product catalogs with order forms and your contact info so you can leave one or two with your client (one for them and one they can pass on). NOTE: This is not your personal binder. Don’t keep anything in here that you don’t want a customer to see.
  2. Laptop: If you don’t have one, you can see if you can use their computer. It always helps if you can show them how to place an order, sign them up, and show them their virtual office and how to place autoship orders.
  3. Handouts: Have some handouts ready that are specific to their needs. Prepare beforehand so you aren’t shuffling through random paperwork to find the one you are looking for. Make sure you include your contact information on them.
  4. Business Cards: Always keep extras on hand in case your client wants to hand some out to their friends or family members.
  5. Small Gift: This is optional, but it is a nice way to say thank you to customers who purchase large enrollment kits. A small gift can be something like a small oil case, a small glass spray bottle, some oil sample bottles with labels, brochures, a business book, or a Modern Essentials Handbook. You should be able to find something appealing to your customer from
  6. Extra Reference Guides: If you are able to, keep a few extra Modern Essentials on hand to give or sell to your new customers so they can get started with learning about essential oils right away. Make sure to include the price of tax and shipping so you aren’t losing money on each book.

What other items would you include in your business presentation kit?

*The information provided above is sourced from Essential Oils Business Book by Christina Calisto-Winslow.

Essential Oils Business Book: How to Start, Build, and Prosper in the Essential Oils Industry by Christina Calisto-Winslow

Christina Calisto-Winslow brings 25 years of combined experience in consulting, alternative health, essential oils, and corporate sales management to you in the form of her book Essential Oil Business Book: How to Start, Build, and Prosper in the Essential Oils Industry. She has trained many people in building their essential oil business from the very material she presents in her book. When she first started using essential oils, she had no desire to build a business from it; but over time she discovered what a great business opportunity it is.

In this book, Christina helps the reader dispel common mindsets and realign their thinking and their goals to promote a successful business. She discusses time wasters and money wasters, such as coming up with excuses or giving away free products, samples, or your time without talking about purchasing for themselves or even following up with them. Something she mentions a few times is to not get discouraged––you can do a lot with no money and a single bottle of oil!

This book also discusses how to deal with certain clients or objections they have as well as how to choose a target market such as stay-at-home moms, daycare providers, college students, athletes, massage therapists, retired individuals, etc. and what each may be interested in. Christina also talks about how to get started with social networking and holding events and classes. There are so many helpful tips and topics in this book that can get you motivated to start building your essential oil business!

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