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A Simple Introductory Essential Oil Class Idea

Holding a class is a great way to introduce people to essential oils, but the best way to get people to come back or stay “hooked” is to give them essential oils to try at home. The Rollerball™ “Wellness” Make & Take Workshop Kit is a great place to start in planning a basic introductory class.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 20 Postcard Invitations
  • 10 Recipe Sheets
  • 10 Station Recipe Card Table Tents
  • 10 Waterproof Rollerball™ Label Sets (Includes Bonus Label: Hand Spray)
  • 10 Blends Cheat Sheets
  • Extra Sheet of Waterproof Labels with 5 Each of: Belly Blend, Black & Blue, Breathe Easy, Focus Blend, Immune Boost
  • Workshop Tip Sheet

You will also need the following items that do not come in the kit:


How to Structure the Class

At least 1–2 weeks prior to your class date, mail or hand out the postcard invitations. If you are inviting some people who already use essential oils, have them bring their own oils so they only have to purchase the roll-on bottles and labels to make the blends.

Prepare for the class by gathering all the needed supplies (the kit and items not included in the kit) as well as preparing a short lesson on the basics of essential oils, such as where they come from, how they are beneficial as natural health solutions, and how they can be used in everyday situations, etc. You may want to discuss what each of the rollerball blends can be used for and how the oils in the blends may help those specific conditions.

Before the class, set up the workshop stations.  At each station, include the Recipe Card Table Tents, essential oils needed for that recipe, fractionated coconut oil, dispensing tools, roll-on bottles, and labels. It might be helpful to pre-cut the labels so they are ready to apply to the bottles.

During the class, start with the lesson you have prepared on the basics of essential oils. Then set everyone free to make their roll-on blends, ask you questions, or look up conditions in a Modern Essentials book.


There are a few different ways you can approach the workshop portion of the class. The following are some ideas:

  • Charge a flat fee of $5.00 and allow everyone to make ONE 5 ml rollerball blend of their choice. They can choose from the 5 common, more popular, and less expensive blends marked in red on the recipe sheet. (NOTE: The 5 ml recipes on the table tent cards will fill half of a 10 ml roll-on bottle. However, you will still want to get the 10 ml roll-on bottles so the labels fit.)
  • Give away a free 5 ml rollerball blend to those who are new to essential oils. You may want to limit their choice to the blends marked in red.
  • Charge per rollerball blend they create. Just figure out the cost for all the items needed to make each blend and let them make as many as they want and be charged accordingly. Make sure to include tax and shipping costs that you may have paid when figuring the cost. Do these calculations beforehand, and create a price sheet so you can easily reference it during the class.
  • Charge a set fee for an entire kit including:
    • All 10 rollerball blends (labels, roll-on bottles, essential oils, etc.)
    • 1 Hand Spray (label, spray bottle, essential oils, etc.)
    • 1 Roll-on Clutch for them to store their oil blends

    You may want to also have a price for just the bottles, labels, and clutch if they have their own oils.

This class is great because it is interesting to both those who are new to essential oils and to those who already use them. The rollerball™ blends are an awesome way to allow new users to try the oils because they are inexpensive, easy to apply, and simple to know how to use.

Do you have any other ideas for using this kit in your classes?

Updated: 6/23/2017

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