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"Lotions & Potions" Make & Take Workshop Kit


Make your own natural lotions creams and butters–and lots of variations–with this simple body cream kit.


Making your own natural lotions creams and butters is sure way to know what's entering your body through your skin. Using pure therapeutic essential oils adds amazing aroma and enhances the health benefits of your creations.

Lotions & Potions" outlines instructions for basic body cream and 7 essential oil variations to make ½ oz. salve jars: Soothing Joint Rub, Skin Rescue, Tummy Trouble, Gloves in a Tub, Scar-B-Gone, Restful Sleep, and Breathe Free. The kit also includes 8 moisture-resistant lid labels for each of the 7 recipes plus 4 bonus labels for basic body cream. Tips on choosing vegetable oils and other essential oil blends will give you confidence to also branch out on your own. So get set to conjure up some powerful potions for your entire body! (Additional Recipe Foldouts available.)

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)


  • 8 Recipe fold-outs (4 pages).
  • 1 Class outline.
  • 8 Lid labels for each of 7 blends.
  • 4 Bonus labels for basic body cream.
Ingredient Checklist
  • Essential oils and blends for 7 recommended recipes–Single oils: frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, lime, melalueca, oregano, and thyme;Blends: Digestive, Protective, Respiratory, and Soothing.
  • Hard oils (and butters), beeswax, and vegetable oils.
  • Distilled water.
Materials Needed
  • Plastic salve jars–½ oz. recommended for 7 sample recipes.
  • Extra blank lid labels (optional).
  • Kitchen scale.
  • Glass measuring cups with pour spouts (1 2 and 4 cups).
  • Hot plate or electric skillet if stove top not available.
  • Rubber scrapers assorted sizes.
  • Fork or chopstick.
  • Immersion stick blender/mixing tool.
  • Paper towels and/or rags.
  • Plastic tablecloth.
  • Individual wooden craft sticks or spoons.