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Joy Is My Answer: What I Learned From the Refiner's Fire (A Spiritual Memoir), by Laura Stoker


Life's tests are God's opportunity to refine us.


Life's tests are God's opportunity to refine us.

In her candid memoir Joy Is My Answer Laura Stoker bravely shares the difficulties of life and co-parenting with a spouse struggling with mental illness. A mother of six including five girls Laura is shocked to realize that her oldest daughter may be following in her footsteps in the poor treatment she accepts from young men. Laura sees this is a reflection of her own choices. Ultimately Laura's desire to break free from her marriage and create stability for herself and her children tests her courage to its limit. Laura's faith in God sustains her and gives her the strength and clarity needed to overcome the deepest of tragedy and open her heart to true happiness and new love. Her search for further healing and closure leads her to the wilds of the Amazon jungle of Peru where she finds the peace and comfort she was searching for while doing an ancient shamanic ceremony with the Shipibo tribe and drinking the plant medicine Ayahuasca which has been utilized for such purpose for centuries.

"I was brought to my knees by a broken heart. I needed God and he was there. He carried me unconditionally and without judgment as we know it in this life. My fear of losing a loved one was realized. Afterward my eyes were opened. Now I know that the things of this world are insignificant in the bigger picture."

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Publication: 2019.

Pages: 290.

Binding: Softcover.


Laura Stoker is an entrepreneur. She is passionate about empowering others most particularly women to achieve financial independence. She teaches then how to make high six-figure incomes while having time freedom to be with their babies at home. She is a leader in dōTERRA® with a team of over 150,000 that spans the globe.

Laura enjoys hiking running and being active. She is a certified yoga teacher and stars in her own DVD "Essential Yoga." She has been featured on her local TV station in Utah sharing her yoga and some of her favorite healthy recipes. She also loves spending time with her husband Matt and their blended family of nine kids and one sweet grandson. On their property in Payson, Utah they care for chickens ducks bunnies cats and dogs. Laura is a hobby breeder of Bernedoodles.


Author's Note
Chapter 1: As a Child
Chapter 2: Our Marriage
Chapter 3: The Conflict
Chapter 4: Our Normal
Chapter 5: Shay
Chapter 6: Deep Grief
Chapter 7: Mistrust Fear and Trauma
Chapter 8: California
Chapter 9: Conference Weekend
Chapter 10: The Hospital Stay
Chapter 11: An Angelic Visitor
Chapter 12: The Last Time I Saw Wade
Chapter 13: I Received the Call
Chapter 14: Earthly Angels Among Us
Chapter 15: Only His Shell
Chapter 16: The Funeral
Chapter 17: Tender Mercies
Chapter 18: My Vision Opens
Chapter 19: A Blessing From Heaven
Chapter 20: Running with Angels
Chapter 21: When the Moments Hit in Public
Chapter 22: Miracles
Chapter 23: The Path to Healing
Chapter 24: Immortalized in Tattoo Art
Chapter 25: Reading to My Son
Chapter 26: Attending doTERRA Convention
Chapter 27: Wade's Journal
Chapter 28: I Could Not Save Him
Chapter 29: Walking and Studying
Chapter 30: Choosing the Headstone
Chapter 31: The First Year After Loss
Chapter 32: An Excerpt from My Journal
Chapter 33: Such a Beautiful Date
Chapter 34: Blessings Fulfilled
Chapter 35: Journey to Peru
Chapter 36: Arrival in Peru
Chapter 37: The First Ceremony
Chapter 38: The Second Ceremony
Chapter 39: The Final Ceremony
Chapter 40: Joy is on the Other Side of Fear
Chapter 41: A Lesson From the Refiner's Fire
Chapter 42: Grieve but Carry On
Chapter 43: Joy Is Your Answer
Chapter 44: Healing the Emotional Brain
Chapter 45: Joy
Chapter 46: This is Not the End
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