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Anchor to Your Strengths, by Melinda Brecheisen


Learn how to leverage your CliftonStrengths® results by anchoring them with a targeted use of essential oils.


Have you discovered your CliftonStrengths® and wondered, "What's next?"

Leverage your CliftonStrengths® results by anchoring them with the targeted use of essential oils. Each strength has been paired with an essential oil based on its chemical constituents and effect on mind body and overall well-being. By utilizing your sense of smellthe human body's most powerful senseyou create connections or anchors that allow you to wield your strengths at will.

Invest in who you are and turn your innate talent into productivity and strength. Learn how to use CliftonStrengths® talent themes intentionally. This is the key to turning a moment of opportunity into a moment of success. Anchoring to your strengths is the next step toward mastering your strengths.

"As a dedicated fan user and expert in essential oils I truly believe and adhere to the philosophy "There is an oil for that!" Combining essential oils with strengths expands the role of oils into the field of personal development—not only for the first time but also in an extremely tangible and personable way. I am thrilled to implement this ideology into my daily practice and my coaching and mentoring activities." Laura Jacobs dōTERRA® Presidential Double Diamond Holistic Health Coach

"I believe this approach to remembering strengths will work better than any previous approach. Everyone forgets their strengths so quickly. In my view anchoring your strengths to essential oils will lead everyone to remembering their strengths forever. And that's the first step toward mastery keeping our strengths top of mind and included in our daily lives." Paul Allen Founder of former Strengths Evangelist for Gallup

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2017.

Pages: 125.

Binding: Softcover.


Melinda Brecheisen is an entrepreneur business coach mentor and public speaker. She lives in the Bay Area in California with her husband Jeremie and their three children. She has been an ardent student of both CliftonStrengths® and essential oils for more than seven years. Her passion is to support others in becoming the best version of themselves so that they can make their own unique contributions to the world.


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