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Easy Sample Press Disc for Orifice Reducers and Rollers


An additional tray for creating easy samples.

  • Compatible with #9639 Easy Press.
  • 12 numbered slots.
  • Assembles 1/4 dram and 5/8 dram vials.
  • Assembles 1 ml and 2 ml roll-ons.
  • Doubles as sample storage.

Compatible with our Easy Sample Press this slotted tray helps take the work out of sharing samples! Whether you want to use this base as a convenient storage tray or to help you more efficiently close your sample vials in the Easy Sample Press we've got you covered. Numbered slots help you keep track of which oil is in which slot.

Contents: 1 disc. (Easy Sample Press not included.)

Features: 12 numbered slots that fit ¼ and 5/8 dram vials as well as 1 and 2 ml roll-on vials.