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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (16 oz.)


Nutritional base for natural skin and hair products.

  • Common carrier and massage oil.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Soft solid at room temperature.
  • For topical use only.

Cold-pressed from the kernels and meat of mature coconuts this organic coconut oil naturally contains iron and vitamins A and D. Because it is high in saturated fatty acids coconut oil is solid at room temperature and highly resistant to rancidity. It is a common carrier oil for essential oils and helps dilute oils for children and others with sensitive skin. Coconut oil is used as a natural massage oil and as a base ingredient in many skin care productssoaps, lotions, and creamsbecause it moisturizes well for all skin types. It is also beneficial for hair because it nourishes, conditions, reduces protein loss, and helps re-growth from damage. For topical use only.

Contents:16 oz. (2 c.).

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