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Nasal Inhalers (Pack of 6)


Take your oil aromas with you, but leave the bottles at home!

  • Easy to fill, assemble, use, and refill.
  • Economical, mess-free samples.
  • Individual, shrink-wrap sleeves.
  • Ideal for allergies, illness, mental focus, and emotional support.

These small, inexpensive inhalers slip easily into your pocket, purse, or travel bag. Ideal for giving aromatic samples of an essential oil or blend. Optional shrink-wrap sleeves are included.

Contents: 6 plastic nasal inhalers, 6 wicks, and 6 shrink-wrap sleeves.

Diffusion: Evaporative.

Dimensions:" tall x ¾" diameter.


  1. Put 5–15 drops of essential oil on the absorbent wick.
  2. Place the wick in the inhaler.
  3. Insert the base into the bottom of the inhaler and press firmly in place.
  4. Twist the cover on the inhaler for storage.
  5. Optional: Adhere a 2" x 2" label to the cover with the oil or blend name and a note on how to use the inhaler.
  6. Optional: Place the inhaler assembly in a shrink-wrap sleeve and seal it using a heat gun or hair blow-dryer.
  7. To use, remove the shrink-wrap sleeve and then untwist and remove the cover. Place the hole on top of the inhaler near the nostrils and inhale. Replace the cover when not in use.

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