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Modern Essentials Support Bundle


Get these three amazing tools all-in-one!


Modern Essentials Emotions: A Workbook for Emotions and Essential Oils. Take Charge of Your Emotional Health! Essential oils are a natural choice for emotional health. Their aromas can touch areas of the brain associated with emotional response and long-term memories. Their constituents can affect neurotransmitters and receptors in cells throughout the body. These effects can alter the way the body copes with stress and anxiety enhance energy and alter mood in subtle and profound ways. This stunning full-color guide book gives you the tools you need to understand how to use essential oils-and the power within yourself-to take charge of your own emotional health!

The Art of Blending Guide and Workbook. This book makes scents! Often times blending essential oils is presented as a complex science. But if you just want to create great-smelling combinations this book provides everything you need to get going in confidently creating your own essential oil masterpieces. Learn to make your own natural perfumes and aromas-perfect for diffusing or adding natural fragrance to lotions creams sprays and much more!

Easy Protocols for Twelve Essentials" Booklet. Discover how to easily use and share 12 popular oils with this accessible guide that incorporates them into daily living! This beautiful informative book includes blends for roll-ons diffusers sprays personal inhalers and massage. As well as recipes for bath body wellness rejuvenation and household cleaning. Plus bonus sections on stress sleep and mood! Oils included in this book are: copaiba eucalyptus frankincense grapefruit helichrysum lavender lemon oregano peppermint tea tree vetiver and wild orange.

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