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"I Am Fabulous" Favorite Blends Lid Stickers (Sheet of 40)


Sheet of multiple lid stickers for most popular blends in the book.

  • Includes 5 each of 8 commonly used oils.
  • Makes it easy to organize oils for a class.
  • Handy for a gift set to go with the book.
  • Works with any size roll-on vial.

This label sheet complements I Am Fabulous: Blends for Emotional Wellness, by Desiree de Lunae. It includes multiples of the book's most popular blends: Bye Bye Baggage, I Am Fabulous, I Am Free, I Love Myself, Manifestor's Blend, On My Path, Release Your Fears, and Soothe the Soul.

Click here for a sheet that includes lid stickers for all of the blends featured in I Am Fabulous.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 40 lid stickers5 for each blend.

Dimensions: 1½" wide x 1" tall (each label).