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"Essential Oils For First Aid" Oil Reference Card (Pack of 10)


Learn natural remedies for everyday problems!

  • Convenient size can be kept in car purse backpack etc.
  • Over 20 health conditions and natural remedies included.
  • Essential oil recommendations are fast and easy.
  • Laminated with an oil-resistant layer on tough durable card stock to keep card in good shape.

Have your little ones ever come to you with a cut scrape blister bite sting or sunburn; and in the heat of the moment you can't remember which oil to turn to? This card is the perfect solution! Keep a copy of this card in your first aid kit (along with the "Essential Oil for First Aid" booklet or another standard first-aid protocol book), and you'll be prepared to quickly handle any minor emergency!

  • Make a first aid kit to keep at home, in your car, or at work with essential oils and a copy of this reference card.
  • Host a class where you teach attendees how they can use essential oil for first aid support (for added fun have them make first aid kits in the class).
  • Teach loved ones how they can take care of themselves naturally.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Content: 10 brochures.