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Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats, by Skye Patterson, 2nd Edition


You can safely use therapeutic-grade essential oils to improve the health of your pets!

  • Application methods for essential oils.
  • 60 health conditions for dogs and cats.
  • Safe and unsafe oils for dogs and cats.
  • Natural supplements for dogs and cats.

A practical reference guide to using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and all-natural supplements to support dogs and cats. It covers many health conditions and wellness challenges, offering suggestions for supporting healthy body systems, immune response, and cellular health.


  • 60 health challenges for dogs and cats.
  • How to use essential oils safely for dogs and cats.
  • Safe essential oils for dogs.
  • Safe essential oils for cats.
  • Oils that are not safe for dogs.
  • Oils that are not safe for cats.
  • Use of natural supplements for health support of dogs and cats.
  • Different ways to safely use essential oils for dogs and cats: topical, aromatic, and internal application.
  • Why it is important to choose truly pure essential oils that do not include synthetics additives and toxic residues.

Note: The corresponding Dog and Cat Reference Card makes a great introductory handout (and bookmark) on how to apply essential oils and blends for dogs and cats. The "Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats" Bookmark is great for matching generic blend names in the books with corresponding doTERRA® essential oil blends!

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2018, 2nd Edition.

Pages: 65.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 5½" wide.


Skye Patterson has loved and been loved by many dogs, cats, and other pets throughout her life. Her lifelong passion has been learning the best ways to keep her beloved companions healthy and providing them the best care possible. Although not a veterinarian, Skye completed one year of nursing training that gave her a valuable foundation of basic scientific and medical knowledge. She called upon this background when she started researching ailments plaguing her two Italian Greyhounds, who were not responding to conventional Western medical treatment for seizures, irritable bowel disorder, allergies, and liver failure.

That research 22 years ago convinced Skye that diet was a major contributing factor to her dogs' diseases, and she switched them to a completely raw diet—long before the trend toward raw foods. Immediately her dogs' health issues were greatly improved and most problems were resolved.

In 2011, Skye was introduced to the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. After using them herself for 6 months and experiencing amazing health improvements, she wanted to use them to help her dogs with their health issues. Discovering a dearth of reliable information on using essential oils on dogs and cats, she began her own research.

Important General Guidelines
Guidelines for Dogs
Beware! Not Recommended
Additional Precautions
Diffuser Recommendations
Recommendations for Specific Dog Ailments
Guidelines for Cats
Beware! Not Recommended
Diffuser Recommendations
Recommendations for Specific Cat Ailments
References and Sources
Recommended Oil Blends
About the Author