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Essential Oil Word Mosaics and Photo Art Cards—New 2018 Oils (Pack of 4)


A beautiful way to show and tell about popular 2018 oils!

  • Cards for green mandarin, magnolia, pink pepper, and turmeric.
  • Word art of oil properties and uses on one side.
  • Full-color plant photo on opposite side.
  • Easy way to educate and enliven a display.
  • Double-sided acrylic frames available.

Double-sided art cards make beautiful display pieces while educating about essential oils! One side features a multi-color word mosaic that draws viewers in to read about properties and uses of an essential oil (represented by an accent image). The other side features a full-color photo unique to the plant.

Use art cards as visual aids in your classes use this acrylic frame and display them in your office or home or hole punch the card and attach a sample vial for prospective customers.

This set contains cards for the 4 new essential oils introduced in 2018: green mandarin, magnolia, pink pepper, and turmeric.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 4 cards–1 for each oil.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 6" tall.

Cards: green mandarin, magnolia, pink pepper, and turmeric.