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"Cooking with Essential Oils: Prep" DVD by Roman and Corinna Barrus


The second of 2 DVDs on cooking with oils.

  • Specialty sections building on first DVD.
  • Salts sugars and rubs.
  • Oils pastes and vinaigrettes.
  • 22 single oils plus pro chef blends.
  • 5 signature recipes included.
  • Invitations and tear pad also available.

Building on the content of "Cooking with Essential Oils: Intro Class" DVD this DVD further explains how essential oils can be used in cooking. The content is divided into 5 basic sections: Introduction; Salts Sugars and Rubs; Oils Pastes and Vinaigrettes; 22 Single Cooking Oils; and ProChef Blends. This disc also comes with 5 recipes that feature essential oils.

Content: 1 DVD.