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Aroma Ready™ Sample Case with Foam Insert (Holds 64 Vials)


Store transport and display many samples!

  • Fits 1/4 or 5/8 dram sample vials.
  • Foam insert separates each oil.
  • Inside pocket holds printed matter.
  • Durable easy-clean microfiber cover.

Keep your oils at your fingertips ready for display or use! This attractive case securely and compactly holds up to 64 small sample vials. Excellent for presentations and travel.

Contents: 1 presentation case and 1 foam insert. (Oil vials not included.)


  • External cover is made of durable microfiber fabric.
  • Removable foam insert securely holds 64 vials ¼ or ⅛ dram size.
  • Inner pocket stores and protects DVDs or printed materials.

Dimensions: 8" tall x 8" wide x 1¾" deep.

Note: To easily identify your oils we recommend our Best Value Oil Lock™ Circle Label Set for doTERRA Sample Vials..

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