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Healing Chakra Stones (Set of 7)


Chakra stones can amplify the positive effects and energy intelligence of essential oils!

  • 7 tumbled stones for balance and energy during chakra work.
  • Crystals can help amplify the effects and energy of essential oils.
  • See our "Gemstone Properties" Chart for more instructions.

Stone Properties:

  • Amethyst (3rd Eye)—intuition, guidance, self-realization, self-mastery.
  • Carmelian (Sacral)—relationships, connection, creativity, guilt, addictions.
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus)—courage, honor, compassion, responsibility to others, action, will.
  • Crystal Quartz (Crown)—soothing, protective, spirituality, enlightenment, energy, intelligence.
  • Green Adventurine (Heart)—love, safety, trust, grief, attachment.
  • Red Jasper (Root)—survival, physical health, grounding, stability, fear, anger.
  • Sodalite (Throat)—self-confidence, emotional balance, self-expression, awareness, clarity of direction.

    Contents: 1 velvet bag containing 7 stones (one of each type)—Amethyst, Carmelian, Citrine, Crystal Quartz, Green Adventurine, Red Jasper, and Sodalite.

    (Stones may vary slightly in color from those shown in the picture above.)

    Note: Our "Gemstone Properties" Chart highlights the historical facts, uses, physical attributes, inherent energies, and chakras for the gemstones commonly used while balancing chakras.