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4 dram Amber Glass Vials with Dropper Caps (Pack of 6)


A compact vial for creating and using oil blends and dilutions.

  • Holds nearly 5 ml of liquid.
  • Dropper dispenses essential and carrier oils.
  • 2-piece bulb assembly cleans easily.
  • Amber glass protects from UV light.

These 4 dram glass bottles are useful for making blends or diluting an essential oil. The dark amber color protects contents from damaging UV light. The glass dropper controls how much oil you add to a blend or apply. Also makes an easy way to fill capsules.

Note: To prevent deterioration of the rubber bulb, store the bottle in an upright position, and replace the dropper with a regular cap when transporting.

Contents: 6 amber glass bottles and 6 dropper cap assemblies—glass pipette, rubber bulb, and plastic cap with hole.

Volume: 4 drams or 1 Tbsp. (~15 ml)

Neck: 18-400.

Dimensions: 4" tall x ¾" diameter.


  1. Each dropper cap requires 1 glass pipette, 1 rubber bulb, and 1 plastic cap with hole.
  2. Insert the wide end of the pipette into the opening of the bulb.
  3. Insert the bulb and pipette together through the underside of the cap (with the threads down surrounding the glass). Pull the bulb up through the hole until it pops securely into place.
  1. Squeeze the rubber bulb to draw liquid up into the glass pipette. Gently squeeze the bulb again to release the liquid one drop at a time.
  2. Once the oil is in and the dropper is screwed on, you can identify the bottle with labels. We have both circle labels and rectangle labels that fit our 4 dram bottles.