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30 ml Amber Glass Vials with Misting Sprayers (Pack of 6)


A generous sample of body or room sprays.

  • For essential waters, flower essences, spritzes.
  • 30 ml size is ideal for sharing or travel.
  • Amber glass protects from UV light.

These small amber spray bottles are great for travel or samples of essential waters, flower essences, spritzes and air fresheners. (Because some oils have the potential to clog the spraying mechanism these spray bottles are not guaranteed when used with vegetable or essential oils.)

Note: We recommend this product be stored in an upright position.

Contents: 6 glass bottles with misting spray tops and acrylic clear hoods.

Volume: 30 ml1 oz. or 2 T. (Container Size Comparison Chart)

Neck: 18-415

  1. When using essential oils in this bottles it is best to dilute them with a carrier oil or water and epsom salts. If using the Epsom salts sprinkle them into the bottom of the bottle and then add the desired amount of oil. Give the Epsom salts a few moments to absorb the oils; then fill the remaining space with water. The Epsom salts help disperse the oil evenly throughout the water preventing the oil from floating to the top.
  2. Fill bottle with desired contents.
  3. Wipe threads of bottle and spray top with a clean cloth to ensure that the threads are dry and free from any liquid or dust.
  4. Cut the tube on the spray top to a proper length (approximately 1/16" above bottom of bottle). For best results cut the tube at approximately a 45° angle.
  5. Screw spray top securely onto bottle.
  6. If the spray top becomes stiff or hard to use remove the spray top from the bottle place the bottom of the tube in warm soapy water and spray the spray top a few times until the warm soapy water begins to spray through. Allow to sit for 5 minutes and then spray again with the dip tube in warm plain water to rinse out. Remove dip tube from water and continue spraying until spray top is empty.