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2 oz. Blue Glass Bottle with Misting Sprayer


Ideal for traveling or sharing samples of misting perfumes, floral waters, spritzes, body sprays and other liquid creations.

  • Convenient size used for many DIY recipe kits.
  • Holds 4 Tbsp. or 1/4 c. liquid.
  • Misting sprayer works for personal and household use.
  • Blue glass protects contents from UV light.

This blue glass spray bottle is perfect for storing and protecting your liquid creations! It works great for misting on perfumes, spritzes, sprays, floral waters, and more. The cobalt blue color helps protect contents from ultraviolet light.

Note: Because some essential oils may clog the spraying mechanism these spray tops are not guaranteed when used with vegetable and essential oils.

Contents: 1 blue glass bottle, 1 plastic misting spray top and 1 clear acrylic hood.

Volume: 2 oz.-60 ml or 4 T. (Container Size Comparison Chart.)

Neck: 20-400.

  1. Fill the bottle with desired contents. It is best to dilute essential oils with carrier oil and/or with water and Epsom salts. To use Epsom salts sprinkle them in the bottom of the bottle and then add the desired amount of oils. Allow the salts a few minutes to absorb the oils. Fill the remaining space with water. (Epsom salts help disperse oils evenly throughout the water preventing them from rising to the top.)
  2. Wipe the threads of the bottle and spray top with a clean cloth to make sure both are free from liquid or dust.
  3. Cut the bottom of the spray tube at a 45° angle to fit about 1/16" above the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Screw the spray top securely onto the bottle.
  5. If the spray top becomes stiff and hard to use remove it from the bottle and place the bottom of the tube in warm soapy water. Pump the spray top a few times until the soapy water comes through. Allow the tube to sit for 5 minutes. Next place the tube in warm plain water and pump the sprayer a few times to rinse it. Remove the tube from the water and continue spraying until it empties.