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"Aroma Inhalers" Waterproof Label Sets (Sheets of 12)


These labels match the recipes in our Aroma Inhalers" Make & Take Workshop Kit.


These labels match the recipes in our "Aroma Inhalers" Make & Take Workshop Kit. A 12-label sheet contains 3 labels each of 4 different "body " "mind " or "soul" blends. They are perfect if you want to highlight a specific type of blend in your introductory class. Or you can make multiple inhalers of blends for gifts. The labels repel both water and oil and they adhere securely to our nasal inhalers.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents:1 sheet with 12 labels—3 each of 4 blends for "body," "mind," or "soul."

Dimensions:1½" wide x 1¾" tall.


  • Blends for the Body—Clear Airways, Immunity Booster, Motion Ease,and Seasonal Soothe.
  • Blends for the Mind—Keep Calm, Morning Sunshine, Open Mind,and Restful Night.
  • Blends for the Soul—Be Brave, Deep Thought, Inspire Me,and Let Go.