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Spanish "Rollerball Bienestar" Make & Take Workshop Kit


Host a wellness class for 10 people to create 10 roll-on recipes plus a bonus spray.

  • Blends include support for digestion, breathing, immunity, muscles, skin, and sleep.
  • Recipes for 10 ml roll-ons and a bonus 15 ml spray.
  • Moisture-proof vial labels and lid stickers for each product.
  • Makes a great introduction to oils.

The "Rollerball Wellness" Make-and-Take Workshop Kit is a great place to start when planning a basic class. The custom roll-on blends are an easy way for new users to try essential oils. They also appeal to experienced users who want to experiment with new oil combinations and applications.

The kit includes all the paper materials you need to host the workshop and create blends for 10 complete kits. Roll-on recipes: Belly Blend, Black & Blue, Breathe Easy, Focus Blend, Immune Boost, Muscle Blend, Open Airways, Seasonal Blend, Skin Soothe,and Sleepy Time—plus a bonus Hand Spray.

You can approach the workshop in different ways. Give away a free roll-on blend to new attendees. Or charge a flat fee per blend partial set or full set (including cost of oils bottles labels and recipes). Our Roll-on Hard Shell Travel Case holds the complete set of vials perfectly!

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Note: While the kit labels are designed for 10 ml roller vials you can make 5 ml trial-size samples during the workshop. Use the 10 ml bottles but fill them half way.

Language: Spanish.


  • 20 Postcard invitations.
  • 10 Recipe sheets.
  • 10 Waterproof roll-on label sets (includes bonus Hand Spray sanitizer).
  • Sheet of waterproof labels with 5 of each.
  • Workshop tips sheet.

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