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Essential Oils Unlocked, by PJ Hanks, 2nd Edition


Explains the basic chemistry of essential oils in layman's terms for better informed usage.

  • How to select essential oils for therapeutic use.
  • How to create custom blends based on chemical compounds and desired benefits.
  • Appendices on application, safety, dilution, carrier oils, and compounds.

It is great to believe in the therapeutic benefit of an essential oil because you have experienced something amazing after using it. Many people have applied an essential oil to promote feelings of calmness, to contribute to energized feelings, to support body systems, or to find restored health. But have you ever wondered why or how essential oils help us in so many different ways?

Essential Oils Unlockedexplains the basic chemistry of essential oils in a way that helps both the novice and the seasoned practitioner use them more effectively. The book will empower every essential oil user with a simple understanding of why essential oils work and how to select them based on their chemistry rather than just on someone else's experience.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2019.

Pages: 300.

Binding: Softcover with coil.

Dimensions: 6½" wide x 9" tall x ½" deep.


PJ Hanks is an essential oils educator trained in aromatherapy at the Bastyr University, a private, non-profit school of natural medicine in Seattle, Washington. She also holds a bachelor's degree in training and development from Brigham Young University and has spent most of her professional life in adult education. Besides using oils to help herself and her family find relief from various health issues, PJ has worked with hundreds of people to help them discover the benefits of oils for balancing mood and empowering the body to achieve health and wellness. PJ lives with her husband and 3 children in the Seattle area.


Unlocking the Definition
Unlocking the Extraction
Unlocking the Chemistry
Unlocking the Terpene Types
Unlocking the Chemical Compound Groups
Unlocking the Compounds
Unlocking the Chart
Unlocking the Art of Blending
Appendix A—Essential Oil Application Methods
Appendix B—Essential Oil Safety
Appendix C—Dilution
Appendix D—Carrier Oils
Appendix E—Compound Groups
Appendix F—Charts of Essential Oils