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Generational Emotional Mapping: Reprogramming the Subconscious with Essential Oils, by Joyce Turkington


This is a self-help book about using essential oils to shift the subconscious generational programming that is at the root of many illnesses.


Reprogram old family patterns that have contributed to emotional issues for generations.

This is a self-help book about using essential oils to shift the subconscious generational programming that is at the root of many illnesses. Essential oils help reprogram incorrect perceptions that have been passed on through generations. The emotions that trigger symptoms of disharmony in the mental emotional and physical body seldom if ever originate with us; rather they have a familial origin.

Essential oils have aromatic properties that can assist the body in releasing the emotions of old traumas. The olfactory system is anatomically connected to the limbic system of the brain contributing to the function of long-term memory emotions the autonomic nervous system hormones blood pressure heart rate and attention. Emotions are triggered by smell or aroma.

This manual is designed to allow you to quickly find the essential oil that will deal with the emotion(s) at the root of the symptoms being expressed. You will learn of the author's journey in self-help healing and about the benefits of essential oils in dealing with stress. You will also find the following useful information:

  • Single oils and blend oils in alphabetic order with their healing affirmations.
  • A list of the top four emotions addressed with each oil.
  • Complementary oils and oils that will blend with them.
  • Classification of essential oils for making personal blends.

You will learn two ways to use essential oils to relieve many symptoms that have a generational origin: how to use the oils to reprogram generational emotions that are at the root of the symptoms being expressed and how to make a personal blend that will support the reprogramming. The information in this book isn't designed to replace any medical treatments but to assist the body in letting go of stress that underlies many illnesses and today.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2017.

Pages: 151.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 5½" wide x 8½" tall.


Joyce Turkington is a public speaker teacher instructor coach and facilitator and the own of K-Bay Wellness Center. She is an expert in helping others discover the generational emotions that are at the root of their symptoms and over the past seven years has been using essential oils as part of her therapy. Joyce has lived in Homer Alaska most of her life and she and her husband Alan have raised four children together.


Chapter 1: What Is Generational Emotional Mapping?
Chapter 2: Body Testing
Chapter 3: Renewal Process
Chapter 4: G.E.M. Therapy Protocol
Chapter 5: Master List of Essential Oils
Chapter 6: Making Your Own Blends
Chapter 7: Essential Oil Classifications
Chapter 8: Single Oils
Chapter 9: Oil Blends
Author's Notes
Reading List
About the Author

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