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"Essential Emotions" Recipe Booklet with Labels


Simple, all-natural products that provide emotional support!

  • Essential oils for various emotions.
  • Coloring therapy pages.
  • A dozen different personal care products.
  • Diffuser blends for many moods.
  • Moisture-proof container labels.
  • Part of "The Essential DIY Recipes Series."

Looking for ways to use essential oils for emotional support? "Essential Emotions" is a practical and economical resource for doing just that. The booklet is divided into 4 sections: essential oils for emotional support, coloring therapy pages, personal care recipes, and diffuser blends. Most products take 5 minutes or fewer to make. (Some products require wait time for cooling or setting up.)

This beautiful presentation includes preprinted, moisture-resistant labels for containers of the products. "Essential Emotions" is a super start for a class and a great gift! (For more recipes for yourself, your family, and your home, check out The Essential DIY Recipe Series.)

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 1 book with moisture-resistant labels for recipes.

Pages: 50.

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 5½" wide.

Why Use Oils?
Essential Oils for Emotional Support
Essential Oil Application Suggestions
Essential Oils and Coloring
Recipes for Emotional Health
Relaxing Lavender Chamomile Tea
Essential Oil Stress Balloons
"Say Good Morning" Shower Melts
Lavender Bubble Bath
Stress-Relieving Lavender Bath Salts
Luxurious Bath Bombs
DIY All-Natural Face Mask
Calming Sugar Scrub
"Sweet Dreams" Pillow Spray
Uplifting Citrus Lotion
Emotional Support Roll-On Blends
Simple Massage Oil
Air Freshening Spray
Diffuser Blends...
to feel recharged and rejuvenated
to feel at easeto feel happy
to feel the love
to feel sharp minded
to feel invincible
to feel collected
Sparkling Clean Diffuser Spray
Ingredients Glossary