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4 oz. Blue PET Plastic Boston Round Bottle with White Pump


A generous size for storing and using thicker liquids.

  • Locking pump mechanism.
  • Translucent bottle shows content level.
  • Holds 1/2 c. of product.
  • Dispenser for liquid soap, shampoo, body wash.
  • Application control for gels and massage oils.

This chic plastic bottle in a deep shade of blue protects your oil-based creations from damaging UV light. The locking white pump is great for dispensing lotions, liquid soaps, massage oils and gels.

Contents: 1 blue plastic bottle and 1 locking white pump top.

Volume: 4 oz.120 ml or ½ c.

Neck: 24-410.

For more information about the types of plastics in our containers and their safety with essential oils, please click here.