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Premium 4-Tier Oak Display Unit (Holds 46 Vials and Bottles or CDs)


Compactly display and store your oils with this 5-tiered riser.

  • Professional-looking display for classes, booths, trade shows, office, or everyday use.
  • Separate cut-out compartments to keep bottles in place.
  • Made from high quality oak.
  • Tiered display makes it easy to see all the oils.
  • Top tier is designed to hold larger bottles CDs and smaller oil accessories.

This handcrafted solid oak display with 4 tiers holds 46 vials 5–5 ml size on the lower tiers. The top tier holds either CDs or larger bottles up to 4 oz. size.

Features: Holds 46 vials, 5–15 ml plus CDs or bottles up to 4 oz.

Dimensions: 19" long x 11" wide x 3½" tall.