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"My Oil Bag" Small Carrying Case (Holds 12–24 Vials)


Customize your own case! Features flexible removable fleece inserts that make it easy to store and carry 15 ml vials carrier oils and/or printed materials.


This case is compact for convenience but can hold up to 2 dozen oils. Inside are 2 inserts with 6 fleece compartments each–for 12 total vials. These inserts are flexible however so that you can fit additional oils between and around them–up to 24 vials. You can also take an insert out to make room for a carrier oil or a small booklet such as Intro-ME. Customize to suit your needs. The words "My Oil Bag" are embroidered on the handle.

Contents: 1 zippered carrying case with handle and 2 fleece inserts (6 compartments each).

Features: Holds 6 vials of 5–15 ml size in each of 2 separate inserts. Another 12 vials can fit between and around the inserts for 24-vial total capacity.

Dimensions: 8½" wide x 4" tall x 3½" deep.