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LED Color Lamp with Bulbs and 5 Color Filters


The LED Color Lamp is ideal for color therapy applications.


The LED Color Lamp is ideal for color therapy applications. Color therapy is simply the application, or shining, of specific colors, or frequencies, of light onto the body to promote healing. Color is a form of nutrition that we assimilate through the skin. In fact, each vitamin, herb, and mineral has its own unique fingerprint of light that is emitted when burned at high temperatures. This is the science of spectroscopy, wherein a sample of material can be burned and the light analyzed to determine its exact chemical makeup. When we lack specific nutrients, we can shine an appropriate color on the body to increase assimilation and effectiveness of the nutrient. Color therapy can be used to support almost any condition or problem, sometimes showing benefits in an hour or less. This color lamp uses standard 115VAC power and features a 12 watt bulb. (Usage outside the USA may require a power converter, which is not included.)

Contents: 1 lamp with 5 therapeutic color filters (red, yellow, green, blue, and dark blue) and a set of instructions. Includes 12 powerful LED bulbs that emit pure, white light with little heat—bulbs last thousands of hours.

Instructions: In a darkened room, project the desired color onto the body for 1 hour at a time with at least 2 hours between applications.