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Gold-rimmed Dropper Cap Assemblies for 15 ml Glass Vials, 18-415 Neck Size (Pack of 6)


Turn a 15 ml vial into a dropper bottle!

  • Dispense both essential and carrier oils.
  • Control blending and application.
  • Disassemble easily for cleaning.
  • Create labels for custom blends.

Pre-assembled for your convenience, the droppers save time and oil: they control how much oil you add to a blend or make filling a capsule easy. They are also simple to disassemble for easy cleaning and reuse.

These droppers fit our 15 ml blue glass vials and can work with other vials. (To fit on other vials you may need to press the glass dropper up into the bulb just slightly.)

Note: To prevent deterioration of the rubber bulb—particularly when using myrrh or citrus oils—store bottle in an upright position and replace the dropper cap with a regular cap when not in use.

Contents: 6 pre-assembled dropper caps—including glass pipettes, rubber bulbs and plastic caps. (Oil bottles not included.)


Note: This dropper works on vials with an 18-400 or 18-415 neck size; adjust the glass pipette into the bulb to fit.

    1. Squeeze the rubber bulb to draw liquid up into the glass pipette. Gently squeeze the bulb again to release the liquid one drop at a time.
    2. Once the oil is in and the dropper is screwed on you can identify the bottle with labels.

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