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Chakra Roller Wraps (Set of 7)


Mark your chakra roll-ons in style with these fun roller wraps!

  • One wrap each for root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, crown chakras.
  • Fits 1/3 oz. (10 ml) roll-on bottles.
  • To use—"slip, dip, done."
  • Won't smear, fade, or loosen from oil contact.
  • Great for gifts or door prizes.

Mark your essential oil chakra roll-ons in style with these fun roller wraps! They distinguish and label your different chakra blends. To use simply, slip the wrap over a 10 ml roller bottle, dip the bottle and wrap into simmering water, and allow to cool. It's that simple!

Contents: 7 roller wraps—1 each of for root (red), sacral (orange), solar (yellow), heart (green), throat (blue), third eye (lavender), and crown (purple). (Roll-on bottles not included.)

Features: Fits 10 ml (1/3 oz.) roll-on bottles.


  • Slip—Slip the roller wrap over your 10 ml roll-on bottle. Align the bottom of the wrap with the bottom of the bottle. Grasp the bottle with tongs just above the wrap.
  • Dip—Using the tongs, carefully dip the bottle and roller wrap in simmering (almost boiling) water for a few seconds until the wrap shrinks to fit snug around the bottle shape.
  • Done—Remove the bottle and wrap from the water and allow to cool and dry before using. (You can also use a permanent marker to write on your wrap if desired.) Enjoy your awesome new labeling look!