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15 ml Amber Glass Vials with Orifice Reducers and Euro-Style Caps (Pack of 6)


Euro-style caps insert an orifice reducer when twisted on.

  • Most common way to store and use essential oils.
  • Orifice reducer controls oil flow by drops.
  • Amber glass vial protects contents from UV light.

These amber glass vials are the standard size for storing and using essential oils. The dark color protects contents from damaging UV rays. The Euro-cap has a built-in orifice reducer that snaps into place when you first twist it onto the vial. This helps control by drops the amount of oil you dispense.The vial is also sealed until you twist the cap off for the first time.

Contents:6 amber glass vials and 6 Euro-caps with orifice reducers.

Volume: 15 ml (~½ oz., or 1 T.) Container Size Comparison Chart


  1. Transfer oil from another bottle using a plastic pipette, syringe, or bottle dropper.
  2. Once the vial is filled, twist the euro-style cap onto the top (clockwise). As the cap is tightens, a faint popping sound will indicate that the orifice reducer has dropped into place and is ready for use. The cap is also equipped with a seal (like that of a water bottle) which will break when opened.
  3. With the cap in place, the vial is ready to be labeled. You can purchase our blank labels to customize and print yourself:

    1302 - Blank White Labels.
    1303 - Blank Clear Labels.
    1301 - Blank White Moisture Resistant Polyester Labels (for laser printers).
    1305 - Blank White Moisture Resistant Vinyl Labels (for inkjet printers)
    1308 - Blank White Circle Labels (for laser printers).

Note: From one package to another, caps may vary in style and orifice reducers may vary in height.