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Travel Kit Ideas

Essential Oil Travel Kit

While there are a multitude of items that you could consider adding to an essential oil travel kit, below are a few items to help get you started:

- Essential Oils: Peppermint (cooling, indigestion, motion sickness), Lavender (sunburn, calming, insect repellent), Lemon (disinfecting, purifying, uplifting), Repellent Blend or lemongrass (bug repellent), Eucalyptus (cooling, good for respiratory problems), Protective Blend or a similar antimicrobial oil or blend (for disinfecting surfaces or the air)

- Carrier Oil (a vegetable or nut oil like fractionated coconut oil for diluting essential oils or for making massage oils)

- Wipes (use commercially available or make your own natural essential oil wipes for disinfecting surfaces, cleaning messes, or to cool and refresh the skin)

- Tissues, Inhalers, or Pendants (for carrying different scents of oils with you to inhale)

- Small Spray Bottles (containing water mixed with essential oils for disinfecting, air freshening, or insect repellents)

- Small travel-size containers for soaps, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, and other necessities.

- Small Carrying Cases

Additional Tips & Testimonials

- "Fractionated coconut oil is the FIRST thing I put in (you never know when you might just need a light, unscented skin soother). [Protective Blend] for germs and illness prevention, peppermint for focus and fresh breath, lemon in case of scratches (it soothes broken capillaries without burning or stinging)...and I cannot drink my water without it (spoiled), lavender for relaxation and sleep (and spritzing around the hotel rooms to set my mind at ease...just in case they didn't do a good job getting rid of dust mites), and, finally, [Soothing Blend] and frankincense for those sore muscles and travel aches so we can get back to having a great vacation!" - Amanda Jones (Deltona, FL)

- "I take the these oils everywhere. [Grounding Blend] (my must have all day long), [Soothing Blend] (for aches and pains), [Tension Blend] (headaches and tension moments), lavender (for just about anything), my grapefruit and lime mixture for my water (I love the taste!), and [Protective Blend] (in a hand sanitizer and straight for those times when we need an extra boost of immunity, ESPECIALLY out in public and on planes or trains). Those are my staples. Now I also have a wound care made up that goes with me everywhere as a first aid kit. It is GREAT!! And is ready for use no matter what age or skin sensitivities because they are already blended and ready to use in whatever situation they call for!" - Tracy Lynne

- "I recommend buying rollerball vials and putting the majority of your oils in them while traveling. It cuts down on spills and provides an easy application method. I prefer it since my bags get jostled and sometimes the regular bottles leak. Also, I don't always have tissue handy to clean up if I get too much from the bottle. Rollerballs make traveling with oils simple!" - Carol Wilkins (Birmingham, AL)

- "Bring them all. I can do without extra clothes but can't survive without oils." - Debra Christine

- "I take my keychain everywhere. It hangs on my purse so everyone can see it. We tend to use peppermint the most when traveling. We mix it with lavender for motion sickness, with [Digestive Blend] when fast food makes little tummies upset, and with Wild Orange when dad and I are trying to stay awake! We even use the Peppermint Beadlets for helping with our allergies and dry mouth. And I've recently started carrying a sampler pack more often, especially on long trips, so I quit giving MY oils away so much!" - Melissa Hall Loughney (Beeville, TX)

- I made up a 'first aid kit' for my purse that includes sample bottles of lavender, lemon, peppermint and [Tension Blend]. I've used it for an upset tummy, headache, bug bite and detox for my water. With my kit I'm assured I will have the basic oils I need. Having even a few essential oils on hand gives me peace of mind. It saves me from either packing every OTC medication I might possibly need or interrupting my trip to find a pharmacy. Essential oils are the way to go (pardon the pun)! - Michelle Boyken (Glendale, AZ)

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