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Modern Essentials Android Application

Now Available in the Google Play Store!

Get your dōTERRA® oils game on—wherever you go—with the #1 app for Wellness Advocates! Modern Essentials® Plus is not just updated with new products. This long-awaited upgrade is completely redesigned and expanded for enhanced user experience!

Features and Content of the “Basic” Download

  • NEW! Up-to-date content of all 2018 dōTERRA® single oils and blends—and with continual updates as new dōTERRA® Single Oils and Blends are released!
  • NEW! An expanded list of health conditions in “My Usage Guide” with all primary single oil and blend recommendations from the Modern Essentials® Handbook. Just tap the new buttons to quickly navigate between health conditions, oils, and blends!
  • NEW! Easy editing of product names to match the dōTERRA® brand names throughout the app! Simply “tap-and-hold” on any generic name in the screen that lists all the blends. A window will pop up allowing you to change that name.
  • NEW! Personal notes tool to easily record and organize your ideas and experiences with oil usage.
  • Essential oil application methods.
  • Detailed reflexology charts.

Additional Features and Content with a “Full” Subscription

  • NEW! Complete, up-to-date content found in the Modern Essentials® Handbook, 10th edition. Includes all 2018 dōTERRA® products: single oils, blends, supplements, and personal care.
  • NEW! “My Usage Guide” offering recommendations for all dōTERRA® products—primary, secondary, and tertiary single oils and blends; supplements; and personal care. Each recommendation is a tappable button that takes you directly to the detailed product page.
  • NEW! All generic names changed to dōTERRA®-branded product names automatically. (This feature is available only in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. For all other countries—including Australia—the tap-and-hold, name-change feature is available for all products.)
  • NEW! “Simple Solutions” recipes and tips for incorporating oils into every part of your life.
  • NEW! Personal organization tools including bookmarks, favorites, essential oil inventory, and wish lists.
  • NEW! Essential oil inventory products can be added by tapping the box next to the name on the list screens (bulk add method). Or, tap on each product’s detail screen. (Items that have been added to your inventory will appear everywhere else in the app with a checkmark next to their names.)
  • NEW! “Introduction to Essential Oils”—an amazing overview for quick-start learning and teaching.
  • All reference charts found in the Modern Essentials® Handbook, 10th edition.

Purchase this app using the App Store icon on your device. Available in English with Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch coming soon.

Learn how aromatherapy can benefit health and well-being—naturally! Get current, scientific guidance on the therapeutic use of essential oils at your fingertips.

Modern Essentials® Plus in an incomparable app based on more than 22 years of research compiled in the best-selling, authoritative work on aromatherapy—Modern Essentials®: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, published by AromaTools®.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)