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Essential Educators™ Collection

Essential Support Series: Our science-based booklets summarize current research on ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, sleep, and exercise and show how using essential oils can provide daily support for each condition.

Make-It-Yourself Recipes and Labels: Make your own all-natural, essential oil-based products with these simple recipes! Each set comes with a recipe chart and corresponding moisture-resistant labels to add a professional touch.

Essential DIY Recipe Series: Looking for more ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine? These DIY recipe books are the perfect way to do just that. Each booklet features easy-to-make, all-natural recipes and moisture-resistant labels for each product included. They are great for classes and for gifts!

Drop Magazines"Create calm" in your life with Drop, a colorful quarterly about using essential oils for wellness, mindfulness, daily living, and creative crafts. From essential oil highlights to horoscope charts, and from customizable recipes to craft tutorials, Drop brings the latest information and ideas to new and experienced oil users alike.

Mini Tear Pads: Looking for new materials that are perfect for sending your attendees home with the important information from your class? These mini tear pads are less expensive and less bulky than regular sized tear pads, which makes them easy to carry around and to hand out to interested people or class attendees. Here are a few class ideas that you can do with some of our mini tear pads!