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Modern Essentials®, Hard Cover, September 2019, 11th Edition


Become an essential oils expert with the top-selling reference guide for all things dōTERRA®.

  • A complete teaching and learning tool with photos, illustrations, and charts.
  • Which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions.
  • How to safely and effectively use essential oils, blends and supplements.
  • Hundreds of ways to incorporate essential oils into daily living.

Which oils and blends are featured in the 11th Edition Modern Essentials® Products?

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Become an essential oils expert!

For over 10 years Modern Essentials® has been the top-selling reference guide for learning everything about dōTERRA® essential oils and their everyday uses. Modern Essentials has the easiest-to-use format to help you quickly find the most important information:

Which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions.

How to safely and effectively use essential oils blends and supplements.

Hundreds of ways to incorporate essential oils into daily living.

Here's how Modern Essentials® will help you!

NEW—QR codes linking to exclusive video content—now featuring YOU! Over 45 videos teach what essential oils are, how to safely use them, and how real people have used them to help themselves and their loved ones. Perfect for teaching yourself and others more about these amazing oils!

Take charge of your own health with dōTERRA® products! Detailed descriptions, uses, safety data, and research for 67 single oils, 39 blends, 43 personal care products, and 33 supplements.

dōTERRA® brand names! Now even easier to find what you need.

The easiest-to-use usage guide for hundreds of health conditions! Discover which oils, blends, and other products are recommended; how to apply them; and what research supports their use for physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Helpful charts and illustrations! Everything from ear hand and foot points to body systems, from physical to emotional uses, from blending to dilution—all of your favorite charts and illustrations are here!

Essential oil how-tos! Learn how to make your own natural lotions, scrubs, massage oils, diffuser blends, cleaners, sprays, balms, perfumes, bath salts, and more!

In-depth science and research! Learn where essential oils come from, how they work, and how they affect the body.

And much, much more!

Our team has:

  • Reviewed thousands of research articles.
  • Scoured hundreds of books and lectures by essential oil experts, scientists, medical professionals, historians, and other authorities.
  • Over 25 years of practical experience using essential oils.
  • Distilled all of the essential information for you in one amazing book!

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: September 2019, 11th edition.

Pages: 544.


Dimensions:8½" wide x 11¼" tall x ¾" deep.

AromaTools® is a true third-party company that does not profit from the sales of essential oils and is not sponsored by affiliated with or endorsed by any essential oil company. We present this material as a third-party unbiased presentation about oils and products sold by one of the leading essential oil suppliers and producers in the world. Product names throughout this book are trademarks or registered trademarks of d?TERRA® Holdings LLC. AromaTools is not sponsored by affiliated with or endorsed by d?TERRA® Holdings LLC.

The Basics of Essential Oils
An Introduction to Essential Oils
A Brief History of Essential Oils
Topical Application
Auricular Internal Body Points
Reflexology Hand and Foot Charts
Balancing Touch Massage Technique
Autonomic Nervous System
Aromatic Application
Nose and Olfactory System
The Art of Blending
Internal Application
Single Essential Oils
Essential Oil Blends
Essential Supplements
Personal Care and Spa
My Usage Guide
How to Use This Section
Dilution Reference Chart
Body Systems
Additional Notes on Using Essential Oils
My Usage Guide
Essential Living
Bath and Shower
Personal Care
Waking Up/Energizing
Diffuser Blends
First Aid
Essential Oils and Cooking
Nutrition and Essential Oils
Exercise and Essential Oils
Essential Living
Essential Oil Science in Depth
How Essential Oils Interact with the Body
Plants and Essential Oils
Ensuring Essential Oil Purity and Quality
Essential Oil Constituents
Appendix and References
Appendix A: Body Systems Chart
Appendix B: Single Essential Oils Property Chart
Appendix C: Essential Oil and Blend Quick Usage Chart
Appendix D: Taxonomical Information
Research References